Hainan Provincial Museum LED night lighting project

Entrusted by the Hainan Provincial Museum, the Hainan Provincial Government Procurement Center will organize the inquiry and procurement of the LED night lighting project of the unit in the near future. Welcome interested suppliers to participate.

1. Purchase number: HNGP2009-007049

2. Purchasing content: LED night scene lighting project of Hainan Provincial Museum. See the procurement documents for details.

3. Procurement documents are available for sale from August 5, 2009 to August 11, 2009 at 17:30 pm (excluding holidays)

4. Quotation time: August 13, 2009 at 9:30 am

5. Place of quotation: Hainan Provincial Government Procurement Center, Evaluation Room, 7th Floor, Anhai Building, No. 3 Huahai Road, Haikou City

6. Price of purchase documents: RMB 100 per set (plus 50 yuan for mail order). Purchase documents are not refundable after sale. (Requisition for purchase of remittance: Please specify the project name, project number, bidding company name, contact name, contact number and e-mail address of the purchase documents to be purchased, and fax it to our center 66529846 together with the remittance slip. The arrival time must be before the deadline for obtaining the bidding documents, contact: Miss Yan, telephone).

7. Supplier qualification requirements: (Suppliers must have the following conditions and issue relevant valid certification materials)

1) In accordance with the provisions of Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law and provide the 2008 financial statements, the first quarter of 2009, according to the law to pay taxes and social security records (the "financial statements" are not used as the conditions for scrapping).

2) If the product quoted by the bidder is not a manufacturer, it must be within the scope of business, otherwise its quotation will be rejected (subject to the “business scope” of the business license).

3) The quotation must be an independent corporate legal person.

4) The bidder must be a manufacturer of optoelectronic products.

5) The registered capital of the enterprise must reach RMB 3 million (inclusive) or more.

6) Qualified for three levels (including) in urban and road lighting engineering.

7) With ISO9000-2000 certification.

8) Have high-tech enterprise certification.

8. Government Procurement Center Bank Account

Account Name: Hainan Government Procurement Center

Bank of deposit: Agricultural Bank of China Haikou Jinmao Branch

account number

Contact person of Finance Department: Mr. Sun, Ms. Li, telephone, 32

9. Purchasing information and procurement results, please refer to: China Hainan Government Procurement Website ,

Hainan Provincial People's Government website http://, Hainan Provincial Government Procurement Center website , Hainan Economic News

10. Name of Purchasing Organization: Hainan Provincial Government Procurement Center Address: 7th Floor, Anhai Building, No. 3 Huahai Road, Haikou City Post Code: 570125 E-mail: Website:

Project leader: Chen Dongshuai telephone fax

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