Sharp new LE700A series LED TV adopts straight-in LED white light source

The application of LED technology in the field of liquid crystal mainly uses LED light-emitting elements to replace the previous CCFL fluorescent light source. As the backlight of the liquid crystal display device, it is divided into white LED backlight and RGB-LED backlight according to the color of the light source emitted by the LED.

From the Sharp LE700A series of LED TVs, as a relatively low-profile product, the Sharp LE700A series uses a direct-input LED white light source. The use of white LEDs can effectively reduce the thickness of the liquid crystal panel and achieve ultra-thin product.

Straight-in LED white light source, in the color of the light source emitted by the LED, the backlight emits white light, passes through the liquid crystal layer, and then passes through the R/G/B color filter film to become an independent primary color. In this process, the key to determining the final color of the liquid crystal display device is not the liquid crystal layer, but the light quality of the backlight. The higher the purity of each primary color of RGB in the spectrum of the backlight, the more pure the original color can be restored at the end, and only the pure RGB three primary colors can be restored to produce a pure and true color effect.

Compared with white light source, RGB-LED backlight backlight is more prominent. RGB-LED backlight is a wide color gamut range that can not be achieved by traditional CCFL light source through LED components that can emit high-purity red, green and blue light. At present, mainstream RGB-LED backlights can reach the NTSC color gamut range of 105%, and as long as more powerful LED devices are used, more than 120% of the NTSC color gamut can be achieved. However, the cost of using RGB-LED backlights is relatively high, and the price of the whole machine is quite expensive. In the XS1 series of LED TV products launched before Sharp, RGB-LED backlights were used.

Whether it is a white light source or an RGB-LED backlight, compared with the conventional CCFL backlight system, it has outstanding advantages, such as screen contrast, which can be raised to a very high level, giving vivid images and unprecedented black performance. , showing an incredible painting facing the field.

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