Jingke Electronics Chen Haiying: Industry standards can accelerate the development of China's LED industry

——Chen Haiying, Technical Director of Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

On January 24, 2010, the national semiconductor lighting electronics industry standard release and publicity conference was held in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province in 2010. This is the first batch of national standards for the LED industry, which marks the development of China's LED industry. Enter a new historical period. It is also the first time that relevant state departments have organized nationwide publicity and implementation activities in Jiangmen City. At the meeting, the author interviewed Chen Haiying, chief technical officer of Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. on the promotion and impact of the standard LED release on domestic LED companies.

High- tech LED: Please brief us on the related situation of Jingke Electronics?

Chen Haiying: Jingke Electronics mainly focuses on the middle and upper reaches of the LED industry, and is committed to mass production of chips at the international level in China and serving the Chinese.

High-tech LED: How do you view the release of this relevant industry standard?

Chen Haiying: If the industry is to develop, the standard will be difficult, and it will lead to a bad development in the industry. When the industry standard was released, we are expecting the LED industry's major events for a long time. I believe that the industry standard release can accelerate the development of China's LED industry.

High- tech LED: What is the overall market situation of China's LED industry? Including exports and so on.

Chen Haiying: In 2009, the 100 million yuan of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the 100,000 projects in Guangdong Province have greatly promoted the development of LED in the street lamp industry. Our 'Made in China, Jingke Core' has also been used in street lighting projects across the country. In the middle, it achieved good results. It is foreseeable that the overall market of China's LED industry will be better in 2010.

High- tech LED: For Jinke Electronics, what is the significance of the release of relevant industry standards for the future development of the company?

Chen Haiying: When our products were launched in the market, we also encountered some confusion caused by the standard confusion. Now that we have the industry standard, everyone is equivalent to having a law. I believe that the rapid development of Jingke is also very Big promotion factor.

High- tech LED: The release of this standard, what is the impact on the development of the LED industry, especially the development of the LED upstream chip industry?

Chen Haiying: The development of the upstream chip industry is very powerful. Everyone competes in the same standard. For downstream manufacturers, it is easy to identify the grades of chip products.

High-tech LED: What do you think is the biggest impact on the market after the release of this standard?

Chen Haiying: The biggest impact of course is that it can regulate the market and achieve healthy competition in the market.

Gaogong LED: Does Jingke Electronics plan to participate in the formulation of relevant standards in the future?

Chen Haiying: Jingke also hopes to actively participate in the formulation of standards. Jingke not only uses leading technology, but also has a lot of practical experience and experience in the development and production of chips. It can provide some reference and reference for the development of industry standards.

High- tech LED: From a business perspective, what areas do you think the country needs to focus on in the development of the LED industry?

Chen Haiying: From the perspective of industrial layout, there are too few high-end enterprises in China's middle reaches and upstream. I hope that the state can raise the importance of middle and upper reaches enterprises at some policy levels; from the promotion and application of LED products in the Chinese market, I hope that some actions can increase the application of domestic new films.

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