Mu Gang: Konka has launched a world-class enterprise with LEDs

When enterprises in some countries and regions are still immersed in the expectation of economic recovery, they are looking forward to the layout of the “post-crisis era”. At the end of the year, many Chinese companies have demonstrated the ability to turn the crisis into a turning point. In 2009, Haier's global market share of white goods became the number one, and Huawei successfully ranked among the top three global communications equipment. Mu Gang, vice president of color TV giant Konka, said in an interview with reporters recently: In 2010, Konka wanted to “shock the earth” and use the flat-panel TV to achieve great world-class enterprises and win glory for Chinese national brands.

For China's color TV industry, 2010 is a godsend to launch a new round of offensive on a global scale. On the one hand, flat-panel TVs have replaced CRT TVs. The global exchange of machines has arrived. On the other hand, Under the influence of the economic crisis, the color TV enterprises in other countries and regions have not recovered yet, and the market is on the defensive. However, under the strong promotion of government policies, Chinese color TV enterprises have completely survived the winter, successfully achieved the crisis and turned a strong energy. For China's color TV companies in the economic recovery, seized the opportunity.

In the face of this market opportunity, Konka's brother, Skyworth, performed very high-profile. In September 2009, Skyworth clearly stated that it stopped production of CRT TVs and specialized in flat-panel TVs. Relative to the high-profile of Skyworth, the industry believes that Konka is somewhat hidden and not intended to be in the future. With the arrival of the traditional consumption season at the end of the year, Konka reviewed the situation and released a new annual strategy in a timely manner: In 2010, Konka wanted to produce and sell 6.5 million flat-panel TVs, including 2 million LEDs.

According to market research firm Aowei Consulting (AVC), the market capacity of LCD TVs in 2010 was between 35 million and 40 million units, and the LED market capacity was 4 million units. Comparing the industry data with Konka's annual target figures, it can be seen that Konka is full of expectations and ambitious in 2010 – that is, it accounts for 14%-19% of the market share, and in the LED field, Konka even has to strive for half of the country. .

This goal is very majestic, and it has a lot of pressure to achieve it, but Konka seems to be determined to win. In line with the market strategy, Konka has completed the layout of the entire line of attack. From the perspective of Konka's 2010 strategy, it is a high-end and low-end “all-in-one”, and urban and rural “all-in-one”, unprecedented in intensity. In 2010, Konka introduced five LED series to the market, covering more than 50 products, covering the high-end and low-end markets. In March, Konka's LEDs for the highest-end market will be put on the market, strengthening the competition in the high-end market of first- and second-tier cities and third- and fourth-tier cities. In the market in China, the rural people have the world. Konka plans to become a popularizer of LED, and launches the mid-end and high-end products of NetEase LED88, which is mainly based on 24 inch, 26 inch and 32 inch, mainly in the rural market. These products cover a comprehensive range and basically form a “one-size-fits-all” situation for urban and rural markets and high- and low-end markets. This kind of intensity is rare in color TV companies.

The reason why optimistic about LED, Mu Gang believes that LED is currently the leading product in the color TV market within three to five years, it solves a lot of problems, such as low-carbon environmental protection, color reproduction, etc., which are widely favored by consumers. Before Konka was relatively silent, on the one hand, he was practicing internal strength and actively preparing; on the other hand, he felt that the market timing was not mature enough. At present, Konka has made a strong attack because the industry has taken 2010 as the big first year of the LED industry layout. The timing is just right. The so-called "come early is not as good as it comes."

Mu Gang believes that to achieve a great world-class enterprise and to achieve a great world-class brand, we must calm down and study and precipitate. The companies that Konka appreciates are South Korea's Samsung and LG. Mu Gang said that Samsung and LG are the learning objects of Konka. The implication is that Konka is trying to make LED-based world-class companies and brands like Samsung and LG.

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