New energy vehicle technology big PK: Who will win in t…

Produced by: Science China This article refers to the address: http:// Production: Cape Lemaker team Producer: Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences With the increase of automobile exhaust pollution and the consumption of fossil energy such as petroleum coal, the de

Research on Optimal Design of GPS Control Network

Research on the optimization design of GPS control network Liu Lilong, Lin Wenjie (Civil Engineering College, Guilin, Guangxi 541004), the reliability index, accuracy index and funding index, the criterion matrix of the optimization network is constructed, and the control network optimization desi

Letv Super TV 3 listed today: 1699 yuan!

At 12:00 noon today, the six super TVs will be launched at LeSop Mall and LePar. The previous "buy + pre-sale" upgrade to the current "spot + pre-sale" mode. Leighton's chairman and CEO Jia Yueting said that the price is lower than the cost of produc

Design of Embedded Computer Platform in Integrated Modu…

Mei Yunhua, Southwest Institute of Electronics Technology Keywords: IMA; embedded computer; PowerPC; operating system 0 Preface In Integrity Module Avionics (IMA) devices, the embedded computer realizes complex application functions, multiple tasks, and tight functional coupling. In order to me

shocked! Can wearable devices detect mood?

Apple Watch is the most representative wearable device, and heart rate detection provides more possibilities for many third-party applications. Now, heart rate detection is almost a standard feature for mid- to high-end wearables, but they still can't achieve true "re