Philips announces new lighting business decision to sel…

According to foreign reports, Philips announced on Tuesday that the company will spin off its lighting equipment division Philips Lighting (PhilipsLighTIng) for an initial public offering. This move will allow Philips to focus on becoming a medical technology provider. Philips is currently the wor

Status and market analysis of LED epitaxial chips and s…

As early as 2003, the Chinese government proposed the “National Semiconductor Lighting Project”. The “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” began, and the country promoted semiconductor lighting as a major project. In August 2012, the State Council issued “Energy Conservation and E

Knocki smart switch controls the TV switch by tapping

How to control the smart home is a problem that needs to be solved in a smart home. The Knocki smart switch presents a new solution for smart home control in the future. Tap the wall, desktop, and door to open or close your TV or electric light. When you come home from wor

How does Skyworth TV start up and run slowly?

Skyworth TV (in this case, Skyworth Smart TV) can be said to have a slow boot time. Many people turn black from powder to powder. This is not the case with Skyworth Smart TVs. Any smart device will be used for a period of time. This happens, this point, everyone who is using