ZigBee these have to tell the story!

Instance site The site is located in the junction of China and Mongolia in Hami, Xinjiang. The ZigBee network is used for automatic drip irrigation system. The application area is more than 40,000 mu. Because the land in this area is mostly Gobi desert, the annual rainfall is

When does the era of free communication really come?

In January of this year, WeChat quietly tested the function of “WeChat Phone” overseas. Similar to SkypeOut, the WeChatOut function of the internal test requires users to make an international long distance call after recharging, and during the New Year’s Da

LED lights in the fourth quarter of 2015 quality inspec…

In this spot check, more than half of the unqualified products did not meet the standards for electromagnetic compatibility performance indicators such as power terminal disturbance voltage and radiated electromagnetic disturbance. It is worth noting that this phenomenon is not only prominent in th

Easy-to-use PFC-assisted motor control application

Many AC power systems that exceed a certain power level require power factor correction (PFC), which is a requirement of the power company or government. The PFC is located at the system input, behind the diode bridge rectifier, but before all input capacitors. The role of the

The mysterious configuration starts with an online inst…

I don't know when to start, and choosing the whole machine on the Internet has become a new trend. Buying a whole machine on the Internet wants to get a more favorable price than a physical store purchase, and the store has assembled the host to express it, which also saves the trouble of self

Nanchang University Silicon Substrate LED Project won t…

The results of the 2015 National Science and Technology Awards were announced today, and 295 results and 7 foreign science and technology experts were awarded. The awards conference included the National Science and Technology Award, the National Natural Science Award, the National Technology Inven

Secret: The principle of wireless charging mode for two…

There are two main types of wireless charging methods for electric vehicles. This article refers to the address: http:// One is the principle of electromagnetic induction, yes, it is the electromagnetic induction of junior high school physics. The principle is very simple, but relying on this p

Leading the star in this small 厮岂 can make times

[Text / high-tech LED Xiong Yuheng] The old saying goes: There are people, there are rivers and lakes. Nowadays, where there are business leaders, there are commercial rivers and lakes. However, the swords and rivers and lakes, the endings are always different. Some people became famous in the firs

Power LED industry automation upgrade high-tech robot a…

[Text / high-tech robot Zeng Yongzhen] LED production automation is the trend of the times, and robots are the most flexible smart devices, the future will play a pivotal role in the LED industry. Industrial robots can not only solve the automation problems of LED multi-variety and mixed-flow prod