Graphic and text let you understand the process of EMI electromagnetic interference propagation

Electromagnetic interference is the most common problem in electronic circuit design. Designers are always looking for ways to completely eliminate or reduce electromagnetic interference, or EMI. But to completely eliminate EMI interference, the first thing you need is to understand what EMI is and what its propagation process is. This article will give a general introduction to the EMI propagation process.

EMI is a general term for electromagnetic interference, but in fact, electromagnetic interference is divided into two types, one is to transmit interference, and the other is radiation interference. Conducted interference is mainly caused by interference signals generated by electronic devices transmitted through wires or common power lines, causing interference with each other. Further subdivision, conducted interference is divided into common mode interference and differential mode interference.

EMI propagation process

EMI propagation process

The propagation process of EMI mainly passes through three parts, the interference source, the interference path, and the receiver. The source of interference can be understood as the interference that the device discovers and the path of infection. For the power supply, it is generally only possible to start from two aspects, either to reduce the interference source or to cut off the interference path.

Graphic and text let you understand the process of EMI electromagnetic interference propagation

To quickly understand the propagation of EMI, I want to analyze the higher harmonics of these different waveforms in Figure 2. As shown in Figure 2, I first perform FFT on several different waveforms to see how the higher harmonics are distributed. . The image can be clearly understood through the image.

This paper introduces the process of EMI electromagnetic interference propagation in the way of graphic and textual. It can be seen that the process of electromagnetic interference propagation is not simple, but it is not complicated and difficult to understand. Only after fully understanding the principle of EMI can EMI be effectively evaded and suppressed. I hope everyone can have a better understanding of EMI after reading this article.

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