How to wear a headset to show the best sound?

The sound of the microphone in the studio is different from that of the live sound:
Many users see the sound of the Lavalier Mic pronunciation in the TV program is very ideal, so the microphone is also used to amplify the scene, the results are not as satisfactory as the imagination. This is not a problem with the quality of the lavalier microphone itself, but because the microphone is placed too far away from the mouth. When the microphone is amplified in the field, the horn of the microphone and the speaker of the sound amplification system will produce a physical phenomenon of the feedback sound, and the volume cannot be raised arbitrarily. The sound amplification is not good.

Pull the microphone closer to the mouth to improve the microphone's amplified sound:
Since the lavalier microphone is worn on the chest and far away from the mouth, the volume of the output will be greatly reduced. If the volume of the amplifier is turned up, it is easy to produce a whirring sound, which is common to the microphone users. problem. If you want to increase the volume of the microphone without generating a feedback sound, the only way is to use the principle that the volume of the microphone is inversely proportional to the square of the distance of the sound source. By bringing the distance between the microphone and the mouth closer, the sound of the microphone can be greatly increased. Improvement.

Use a headset to improve the volume of live sound:
But the question is how to fix the microphone near the mouth? There are many designs on the market, and the design of the "headset microphone" is one of the solutions.
The main purpose of the headset microphone is to provide live amplification. By hanging on the head, the microphone head can be adjusted to the position closest to the mouth, so that the microphone can obtain the highest sensitivity, output the maximum volume, and improve the generation. The trouble of voice.

The problem of headphone microphone sound:

But the new problem is coming again. Because our mouth is talking, some words such as "B, F, P..." containing English letters or Chinese "ㄆ, ㄈ, ㄊ, ㄏ..." and so on, will The strong "gas burst" from the mouth impacts the diaphragm of the microphone, causing the microphone to generate overload distortion, which causes the speaker to output a strong "Pop Noise", which seriously destroys the normal sound quality. Especially when the microphone is used near the front of the mouth or near the chin, and the closer the microphone is to the mouth, the more serious the blast is.
How to wear a headset to show the best sound?

Adjust the position of the microphone and adjust the head to the position near the left and right sides of the mouth to reduce the noise and achieve the desired volume and normal sound quality.
The headphone used in the headset has two types: omnidirectional and unidirectional. The former, because the head has no directivity, it is only necessary to adjust the head to the left and right sides of the mouth and the distance from the corner of the mouth to a finger. And in the direction perpendicular to the corner of the mouth, it is possible to clearly avoid the blasting noise and achieve the clearest sound effect.
The latter's head is directional, and when it is sung live, it has richer bass and higher dynamic range than the omnidirectional microphone, which can display more musical sounds, but the sound of the head is attached. The location is also relatively more critical. In addition to the sensitivity that varies from the distance of the mouth, the Proximity effect of the head is also sensitive to the "popping noise". Therefore, when using a directional microphone, in theory, the sound quality of the head is directly in front of the mouth, but this position is the same as the omnidirectional microphone, which is most vulnerable to the impact of the blasting sound and destroys the normal The sound quality, so the most important principle when wearing, is also to avoid the position of "the front of the mouth to the middle of the chin". After the actual test, "keeping the front of the microphone head and the corner of the mouth at a distance of about one finger and maintaining a horizontal direction of about 45 degrees with the corner of the mouth" is the most ideal hanging position, which can avoid the destruction of the explosion sound and show The best sensitivity and sound quality, if the position of the sound head exceeds the front of the corner of the mouth, it will be more affected by the blasting sound. Although the windshield such as a sponge can be used to slightly reduce the effects of gas blast and wind noise, how much? It also destroys the look of the face and attenuates the high frequency response of the microphone.

How to properly wear a headset?
First, according to the size of the person's face, head and ears, choose the most suitable size from the big, medium and small ear-hook frames, then select the output line suitable for the transmitter socket, and the other end to the preferred head module. After that, it is assembled on the fixed seat on the frame, and is worn on the head to adjust the fixed position of the connecting rod of the sound head module and the bending degree of the connecting rod, so that the sound head is at the most appropriate position on the corner of the mouth, because the fixed position of the connecting rod can be freely Movement and arbitrary bending adjustment, whether the adjustment is appropriate, has a great influence on the use of the microphone, so the first time you use the headset microphone, you should pay special attention to the choice of the size of the earloop frame and the adjustment of the connecting rod.
Adjust the position and direction of the head: Adjust the length of the head link (B) in the head module mount (A) so that the position of the head (C) at the end of the head link does not exceed the corner of the mouth. The curved head link adjusts the level and direction of the head around the corner of the mouth. When adjusting the position of the head, it is best to adjust the sound while using the live sound system to test the sound. Please pronounce it in Chinese: "Enrich! rich! ...』, or English pronunciation: "PUSH! PULL! ...", fine-tuning the position and direction of the sound head at the corner of the mouth until the most satisfactory sensitivity and the best sound without the blast sound.

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