Who says that watching TV cannot enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality? Cool open 50A2 full experience sharing

After school, many small friends are accustomed to using the computer to watch the video, only when the holidays come home, can leisurely nest on the sofa, and family television watching together. That's right. For me, television is part of the warm culture of the family. After working, they come home to their parents and always want to enjoy a few hours off with them. Cool to open the 50A2 TV is my choice!

There are two reasons to choose Coocaa 50A2. One is that the parents are older, the 50-inch cool 50A2 screen is large enough, the resolution is high enough, and the color gamut is very wide. It is also my wish to see the best picture for my parents. Second, Coocaa 50A2 and top-level audio JBL jointly developed an A-class speaker with good sound quality and strong three-dimensional effect. This picture and sound are excellent cool open 50A2, with me to understand the next.

Appearance: exquisite fashion slim and large

Cool open 50A2 TV front with a 50-inch high-definition display, resolution up to 38,402,160, which means that even if you watch TV screens at close range, still can not feel the grainy, the picture quality is very delicate, the color is particularly full, 16 The :9 ratio also has an excellent viewing experience.

Although Coocaa 50A2 screen is large, but the whole machine is not large, the reason is that a very high proportion of screen, you can see that most of the front is the screen, only the bottom of the tweeter; to know the general TV speakers Either in the back or down, the resulting sound quality experience is very poor, but cool open 50A2 balance screen and speakers, to create the most positive sense of the front structure.

On the other hand, the temperature and pressure at the bottom of the TV screen are the largest. Continuous heating and gravity can cause the deformation of the fuselage, and adding tweeters together with the fixation of the metal mesh will not enhance the sound quality, and it will strengthen the body. Extend the life of television dramas.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the structural design of Coolopen 50A2 TV is very reasonable, not every family has a TV back hang, fully take into account this point at the beginning of the cool open design, the use of removable bearings, to facilitate you to install With the placement, and the cool open 50A2 TV looks very big, but in fact not heavy, I can easily get one. Why is this so? Then look.

Cool open 50A2 TV in addition to the front has a large screen proportion, the base design clever, the other one of the most important feature is thin, we can see from the above figure, go down from above, cool open 50A2 is like a line, compared to The original old TV was too thin.

If you still don't know how thin 9.9mm is, you may wish to use a mobile phone for comparison. As you can see, the thin and light Huawei P9 is close to 7mm thick, and the side of the Cool Open 50A2 TV is not much thicker than the mobile phone. Isn't it amazing?

TV thickness is so thin, you will not worry about the quality of cool open 50A2? In fact, there is no need for this, light body to the back of the TV, you can see behind the use of a piece of metal rib design, which is exactly the same as the design principles of the Samsonite travel case, by changing the stress distribution of uniform diffusion pressure , to ensure the overall strength. It is precisely because of this design before and after, it makes cool open 50A2 is not only nice and light.

Hi-Fi TV, Cool open 50A2 how to do it?

Careful friends will surely find the JBL logo in the lower right corner of the fuselage. That's right, Coocaa 50A2 is co-created by CooCool and Harman JBL team, not only has the best visual experience, but also brings unparalleled hearing enjoyment.

Cool open 50A2 in order to sound quality, in terms of hardware is really enough effort, in addition to the two front tweeter mentioned above, there are two subwoofers and four bass radiators on the back of the fuselage, guaranteed High school bass completely covered, so that the sound hierarchy, full three-dimensional.

Through the iPhone's AirPlay, you can easily connect with the cool-on 50A2. You can play music and project it on your TV, including music cover can be put up, and you can turn the remote control through the phone to adjust the volume of music playback. According to the audition, I feel that the cool effect of opening the 50A2 is similar to that of the JBL Audio Charge2+ of 1399 yuan. Buy a CoolTV 50A2 TV = a TV + a high-quality Hi-Fi speaker. The experience is like watching TV shows and In movies, the effect is more pronounced. Do not believe, buy one to try slightly.

Cool open 50A2: live / Internet all get

Cool open 50A2 TV and traditional TV, all kinds of interfaces readily available, and even WLAN network port, in addition, can also link Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

With a compact remote control, you can use the cool open 50A2 TV.

The live broadcast part is similar to the traditional TV set, and it is no longer necessary to elaborate on it. In particular, Cool Open has its own video resource center, built-in film and television, education, shopping malls, games, music, application circles, travel, branding, and all aspects of life and entertainment. Very powerful, and the machine contains two years of iqiyi kiwifruit members, the richness of video resources can be imagined!

The picture is beautiful, the sound is good, and the content is so many. This kind of cool open 50A2 TV will undoubtedly bring more warmth and touch to my home. Who says that fish and bear's paw can not have both, cool open 50A2 TV is such a picture and Hi-Fi products, you must try it.

Cool open 50A2 TV users can refer to the tutorial: Cool open TV 50A2 installation method Install sofa butler to extend third-party applications.

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