[Peak Forum] Mingwei Electronics: LED quality and cost are king

Since its establishment in 2003, Mingwei Electronics has always been committed to driving ICs, and has clearly positioned itself as a professional linear product. After more than ten years of hard work, it still adheres to the original development route.

Nowadays, quality and cost become kings. LED kills the competition and opens. Every company is fighting for itself and finally achieves itself. Li Zhaohua, general manager of Mingwei Electronics, said at the 14th High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum on June 9.

Li Zhaohua, general manager of Mingwei Electronics
In fact, quality has always been a topic of concern for the entire LED industry. In 2016, various companies maintained a cautiously optimistic attitude towards the development of the LED lighting industry throughout the year. As for the price of LED terminal lighting products, the space for price reduction is getting smaller and smaller, and a consensus is reached near the cost line.

In addition, since entering this year, overseas markets have become a topic frequently mentioned by everyone. Then, if you want to go out, companies must pay more attention to product quality.

Li Zhaohua said that Mingwei's goal is to do a good job in product quality and provide customers with the greatest value. At the same time, further promote the popularity of the LED lighting market, making lighting easier, easier and more reliable.

As the LED market matures, high-voltage linear technology has also matured. At present, high-voltage linear technology is widely used in filament lamps and indoor lighting. Many LED manufacturers have adopted them and have been accepted by domestic and foreign customers.

High-voltage linear products are reliable, simple, and feature-rich. Mingwei Electronics will continue to support high-voltage linear products. This is what we have to do. Li Zhaohua said.

In the future, linear constant current will become the favorite of the LED industry. Linear constant current can realize simple and intelligent products, high cost performance, integrated product application, and standardized market standards.

In fact, whether it is from research and development design, or from the development of technology, Mingwei Electronics is undoubtedly at the forefront of the industry. At present, linear products, technologies and markets are gradually becoming transparent, and many LED companies are also occupying the linear IC market.

As we all know, the LED lighting industry has entered the era of low profit. All links in the LED supply chain are deeply involved in the price war. For a time, the domestic LED market is more competitive. Many LED companies have set their sights on overseas markets in order to highlight price competition and seek more market share and profits.

However, the export of products to overseas markets has higher requirements for product quality. Therefore, whether it is to do the domestic market or to go to the overseas market, quality is the ultimate king.

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