Freshly baked TV box recommended in May

Sofa hardware courier Vol.45 (2016-6-3): Recommended TV Boxes that are freshly baked in May

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With the hundreds of flowers in the set-top box market, how to create product differentiation has become a problem that manufacturers need to consider. As a new name in the high-tech field, intelligent hardware and intelligent human-computer interaction derivative products have attracted more and more attention. In May this year, Skyworth, Kaiboer and Haimeidi launched new products. With good local playback features, each with sophisticated appearance, new voice search, Bluetooth features and other features, so that home TV into a home gaming machine, but also become a chase theater artifact.

So this period may wish to let the sofa network (http://) Xiao Bian take you to understand these several newly released TV boxes in May.

NO.1 Skyworth Q+ II
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Features: Tencent authorization, high-definition smooth look good
The Skyworth Box Q+ II has ingeniously designed the exterior as a heart-shaped, black body, frosted material, and the “skyworth” logo, which is engraved on the surface, and the blue indicator light, all of which show a sense of fashion. One week's silver lines reduce the dullness that black brings. The bottom of the plastic anti-skid tape, so that the bottom and the desktop direct contact, greatly enhance the stability. A 12-button remote control that also matches Bluetooth voice. The operating system of Android 5.1 is more concise and more interactive in interface design. The built-in 2.4G single-frequency single-antenna WIFI is enough to ensure the stability of the network. Hardware is the AMLOGIC S905 processor, (CPU: quad-core Cortex A53 2.0GHZ; GPU: Mali-4505) clocked at 2.0GHZ. 1GB DDR3 memory and 8GB of flash memory. Maximum support 4K video output, is a full HD box. And support H.265 hard solution, decoding performance, the market can see the format, can play normally smooth. Bluetooth 4.0 is also supported. The content is convenient to cooperate with Tencent. The upgrade is no different than the content. At the same time, it also has one of the Internet's seven largest licensees, Nantong's genuine license. After installing the largest sofa butler application market, we can watch the massive video at ease. Resources.
Jingdong Mall Price:Â¥229

NO.2 Hoi Mei Di Mango Q H6
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Features: True 4K picture quality, let TV instantly become game console
Mango å—¨ Q H6 uses a square design, the shell for the aluminum alloy, CNC cutting process, the surface of the sandblasted panel design, appears high-end atmosphere, the lower shell is ABS engineering plastic, silver-white mix, the front power indicator Let it feel full of science and technology. The box cooling holes are concentrated on the back, taking into account the quad-core processor carrying heat is not large, and the chip uses nano-thermal technology, long-term use will not cause overheating. It also uses a Bluetooth voice remote control, supports two custom function keys, cancels the digital key design, and greatly enhances the controllability. The hardware uses a smart quad-core CPU, with 1GB of memory and 8GB of flash memory, making the TV an instant game machine. H6 really supports hard H.265, can reduce the 50% bandwidth consumption and output the same quality image, allowing you to play 4K movies of various frame rates perfectly under normal network, and supports 4K 3D video playback on the sofa. A variety of applications, a variety of video formats are no pressure to decode. The system is based on Android 5.1 system depth custom HIUI interface, concise, at a glance, clear classification, easy operation, and comes with a child lock function, to better prevent the family bear children spend too much time watching cartoons, delay learning.
Jingdong Mall Quote:Â¥348

NO.3 Open Bor H10
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Features: Strong running ability, different audio and video effects
Open Bor H10 uses engineering plastic materials, integrated injection molding seamless molding, the machine is equipped with popular champagne gold, four corners with rounded design, curved transition, although not metal, but also has a metal texture, surface frosting process Founder shape, More calm atmosphere, simple and generous. The two sides of the bottom end are equipped with fan-shaped heat dissipation holes, which effectively increase the heat dissipation intensity. The system uses Qiu Xiang UI (based on Android 5.1) and has a child lock function, can set a password, lock some video platforms, effectively prevent children from indulging in TV programs. The hardware uses the latest 8-core 64-bit ARM Coretex-A53 core architecture Rockchip RK3368 chip, running at a frequency of 1.5GHz. GPU is PowerVR G6110, built-in 16GB high-speed flash memory, 1G high-speed memory, and Bluetooth function, also supports OPENGL ES 3.1, 4K×2K video, H.264/H.265 hard decoding and HDMI 2.0@60Hz output, with ultra-clear decoding playback Ability to support breakpoint playback, and strong color reproduction capabilities. The content was licensed to Mango TV, providing supergirls, movies, TV dramas, variety shows, anime, music, documentary, living, education, sports, finance, ultra-clear area, carousel, and micro-movies. A dozen or so function options, if these content can not meet you, you can install a sofa butler to expand your various viewing requirements.
Jingdong Mall Price:Â¥359

The three new May boxes recommended by Xiao Bian in this issue not only have a unique and stylish appearance, but also have powerful hardware configuration, voice search remote control, and Bluetooth 4.0 various mainstream functions. The key point is that the recommended 3 models of millet boxes can be installed with a sofa butler, allowing you to have more choices for use, so that you can watch more live, on-demand, movie and movie resources and let you have enough casual games.

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