Home circuit construction diagram, 10 years of electrician work!

[Home Theater Network HDAV.com.cn] Electricity is indispensable for every family. The safety of electricity consumption cannot be ignored. However, there are always some families who suffer damage due to improper circuit construction, and even more pay for their lives! This article is a painstaking work of an old technician who has been engaged in home circuit construction for 10 years! If you want to build a house, it is absolutely worthy!

First, the wire wiring method and precautions

We have seen many wire accidents, some of which are caused by the overload of the wires, and the other part is caused by the looseness of the wires. The connector in the wire box does not meet the specifications. When the wire is not under load, there is nothing wrong with it, but as soon as the electric brake is pushed, the junction box will "snap" a few times and then trip! This phenomenon is all It is because the joint of the wire is not standardized, and the voltage is caused by poor contact under load. Today, take a secondary ceiling as an example, let's talk about the correct way of wiring!

(1), wire end treatment

During the construction process, the end of each wire should be treated like this, which can effectively avoid the risk of electric shock. It is also a subtle point to see if the worker's work is professional!

(B), the first connection of wire wiring.

There should be no joints in the home decoration, especially in the online tube, even if there is a joint, it should be in the electric box.

The first type of connection: "two main lines collapsing, winding 6-8 turns each other", in order to ensure that the wire joint does not cause ignition, short circuit, and poor contact.

(C), the second connection of wire wiring

This is also the construction specification that the main line is bent and cannot be cut off, and the attached wire is wound around the main line for 6-8 turns.

(4), external power supply wire connection

This is the connection when there is an external power supply in the line. It can ensure that the wire connector does not cause ignition, short circuit, and poor contact. When the branch line is connected to the main line, the main line cannot be cut off, and the attached wire is wound around the main line for 6-8 turns.

(5), joint protection

If the wiring head is concerned, the wire should be wrapped with fireproof tape. Its function is to prevent electric fire from burning and burning. This is very important in the ceiling. Especially, many ceiling materials use wood to make keel. Do (within the ceiling).

(6) The third method.

The following is the third connection method, which is the crimping method. This method is the most standardized and practical, but it requires special tools to do it. Press the crimping tool to press the wire. Put the special pliers for the piezoelectric wire on the pressure wire and press it firmly. It is.

In addition, it should be said that the size of the pressure line is related to the number of the line according to the pressure line. The T4 type is commonly used, which is a millimeter diameter and can press four wires of four square millimeters.

(7), wiring wiring box precautions

The faults of the wires, such as fire, short circuit, poor contact, etc., are not only on the joints, but also in the junction box. There are many phenomena that the new house has no problem with water and electricity. After the renovation, the problem is now. Let me talk about the connection of the wire inside the wire box. Looking at the chaos is actually a regular, red is the fire line, the basket is the zero line, the flower is the ground line.

(8), wire box internal joint treatment

The connector inside the wire box should be handled with a cap. Some workers open the wire and connect it with a tape to handle it. This is not true!

(9) Ground wire

The ground wire is not charged, but it can be used to connect the current to the earth when the cable is connected, short-circuited, and the chassis is charged. The importance of protecting people and machines can not be ignored!

This is the underground part of the ground line, which can effectively discharge electric current and strong electric potential, and is also the lightning rod wire on the roof.

Second, strong electricity, weak electricity layout and construction

Strong electricity in house decoration means that the voltage is not higher than 250V, such as electric lights, water heaters, refrigerators, etc. Weak current is generally within 24V, such as audio, video, network, telephone, TV lines and so on. During construction, the strong and weak electricity should be separated, otherwise there will be interference.

(1) Comprehensive arrangement of the required strong and weak switch sockets.

Ensure that there is no conflict between strong power and weak current in the process of designing the drawings to the wall. The following four common sense rules must pay attention to:

1. Weak current and strong electricity can be in one trunk, but not in one conduit.

2. The distance between the strong and weak power sockets is at least 30 cm.

3, the beauty of the line tube is not horizontal and vertical, but the nearest distance and the least bending is scientific, economical and reasonable.

4, a lot of floor heating now in the underground wiring should be as close as possible to the wall. Because the heat of the floor heating will accelerate the aging of the wire.

5. Where the strong and weak electricity intersect, use aluminum foil to wrap the weak electric line to avoid interference with Xianhu.

(two), the elastic line

After the layout of the line is completed, you can play the ink line on the wall. Here, you should first play the traces of weak and strong ink lines, but in the case of slotting, you must first step on the power and then weaken the power. Can not be confused.

(3), the wire trough

If there is space in the wall, it is best to use it. Every one meter of opening has the risk of breaking the line. Therefore, when doing the project, it is best to ask the property company to provide the drawings. After the grooving, the original pipe will not be cut.

(four), buried pipe, wiring

There are several rules in this step;

1. The depth of the wire groove is the thickness of the wire tube +1 cm.

2, first make a line pipe and then string.

3. There should be no connectors (including strong and weak electricity) in the conduit.

4, the various wires can not be confused, (all switches are controlled fire line, (220V), zero line (0V) ground.

5. It is best to use three colors for the three wires. Confounding the line items will cause a short circuit.

6. The fixing nut is tightened and must be indispensable. The wiring starts from the buried pipe. The wire pipe is cut off first, and the bending spring is used to bend the bend. Generally, the elbow is not used.

There is no doubt that electricity is a convenient source of energy, and its widespread use has created enormous wealth for humanity and improved our lives. But you can't ignore the dangers hidden around us! Safe use of electricity is not just as simple as pressing a switch with wet hands, circuit installation is a top priority! More fresh and fun home theater information, please pay attention to home theater network http :// (WeChat: cnhifi), the most influential home theater audio player interactive media website.

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