The user proposes to test according to the standard IEC60695 GWFI ≥ 850°C GWIP ≥ 775°C? What is the burning test equipment?

Customer question:

The user proposes to test according to the standard IEC60695 GWFI ≥ 850°C GWIP ≥ 775°C? What is the burning test equipment? The customer is used to measure nylon plastic.

炯 回复 回复 回复 回复 GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW GW 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 GWIT - glow-wire ignition temperature is the ignition filament ignition temperature, GWFI - glow-wire flammability index that glow wire flammability index Two parameters come from the flame-retardant glow wire test, which is generally used for finished products or gadgets of electrical and electronic products with plastic as the main substrate. The approximate course of the glow-wire test is to specify the material (Ni80/Cr20) and the shape of the heating wire (Φ4 mm nichrome wire) to be heated to the test temperature with a large current (550 to 960 °C for 1mi, with the specified pressure (1.0N) 30s vertical burning samples, depending on whether the test material and bedding ignition or burning time to determine the electrical and electronic equipment products fire risk.


Users proposed such parameters, in fact, is not deep knowledge of the Glow Wire test itself, the user requirements GWFI ≥ 850 °C GWIP ≥ 775 °C is in fact the material itself to achieve the flame-retardant standards, rather than the requirements of the instrument itself.

Glow wire light-off temperature GWIT refers to the temperature at which the maximum temperature at the top of the glow wire at the beginning of a three-times consecutive test does not cause the ignition of the prescribed thickness of the glow wire to be 25 K (30 K between 900° C. and 960° C.). We illustrate the GWIT glow-wire light-off temperature recording method: For a 3 mm thick test sample, the test temperature is 750°C, then the record is: GWFI: 775/3.0 (Note: 775°C = 750°C + 25°C).

The Glow Wire Flammability Index, GWFI, is the highest test temperature of a test sample of a specified thickness in three consecutive tests and should meet one of the following conditions:
a) The flame or scorching of the test sample is extinguished within 30 seconds of the removal of the glow wire, and the wrapper placed under the test sample does not ignite;
b) The test sample did not ignite.

We illustrate the recording of the GWFI glow-wire flammability index for 3 mm thick test specimens. The test temperature is 850°C. The record is: GWFI: 850/3.0

This test related instrument: ZRS-2 Glow Wire Tester This product supports non-standard

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