LED Grow Lights provide the perfect conditions for your plants to grow and thrive

LED Grow Lights Your plants will flourish in a bath of LED light engineered to produce a spectrum of light under which plants grow best. Grow herbs on your kitchen counter. Grow herbs on your dead counter. Grow hard to care for tropical plants, such As Orchids, right in your own home. Start seedlings for early Spring planting.
PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology extends driver and LED life up to 70,000 hours. Low profile for under cabinet or shelf installation. Plug-in transformer included. Low, Low power consumption!
Made in the USA with Cree® LEDs!

Here it is ... the perfect combination of red and blue LEDs that turn wimpy plants into sturdy, productive plants. The particular wavelength used is the intellectual property of the LED Grow Lights Engineer.
Each grow light comes with its own transformer. Simply connect the transformer to the LED Grow Light, and plug it into an outlet.
Watch your plants bloom, grow and thrive.
See it in action. This Orchid is three years old and had not bloomed again after the initial flowers faded and died. Click here for more details. We will periodically update this page as the Orchid continues to grow and thrive using the XLGR1 as the only Light source.
The LED Grow Light is available in two sizes. Both units come with a properly sized and UL listed transformer:
The XLGR1 fits perfectly under a single kitchen cabinet. Its perfect for growing herbs or spices. The XLGR1 has a push button on/off switch. You can also use an outlet style timer. Power consumption is just 1/2 Watt!
The XLGR2 is a double grow light with a larger growing area. You can even grow tomatoes in a closet or heated work space during the winter months. It also has a push button on/off switch and can be controlled, if you wish, by The addition of an outlet style timer. Power consumption is just 1 Watt!
The XL GR1 and the XL GR2 come with an easy to use, plug in transformer. at no extra charge.
Simply connect the leads from the transformer to the leads on your LED Grow Light, wire nut and/or tape the leads in place, and plug it into a standard 120VAC wall outlet.
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XLGR1, transformer included $124.95

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