Linear Technology Introduces Multiple LED Drivers for the LTC3577 Series

Recently, Linear Technology Corporation introduced the highly integrated multi-function power management integrated circuit (PMIC) solutions LTC3577, LTC3577-1, LTC3577-3 and LTC3577-4 for portable lithium ion/polymerization Battery application. The LTC3577/-X integrates a USB-compatible linear power path (PowerPathTM) manager, a stand-alone battery charger, overvoltage protection (OVP), and a driver for 10 LEDs in a flat 4mm x 7mm QFN package. Button on/off control, 3 high efficiency synchronous buck regulators and two LDOs.
In addition, it features an I2C-controlled 60dB brightness (1000:1 dimming range) and gamma-controlled 40V series backlit 10-LED driver, button reset/shutdown control with system reset, and dual 150mA Current limiting LDO.
Performance summary:
• Fully versatile PMIC: Linear Power Manager, Li-Ion/Polymer Battery Charger, 3 Synchronous Buck Regulators, Drivers for 10 LEDs, Two 150mA LDOs, Button On/Off Break control
• Thermally Enhanced, Flat (0.75mm) 44-Lead 4mm x 7mm QFN Package
•; Charge current can be programmed up to 1.5A with AC adapter input
• Seamless transition between input power: Li-Ion/Polymer battery, USB, 5V AC adapter or with battery tracking adaptive output
• 200mΩ internal ideal diode plus optional external ideal diode controller provides low loss power path from battery to load
•; working independently
3 buck regulators, LED driver, OVP and button control
• High temperature battery voltage reduction circuit for improving battery safety and reliability
•; “on-the-fly” operation when using a depleted battery
DC/DC mode
• 3 high efficiency synchronous buck regulators with burst mode operation
• Step-Down Regulator Adjustable Output Voltage Range: 0.8V to VBAT
•; buck regulator output current: 800mA, 500mA, 500mA
•; Two 150mA current limited LDOs
other functions
• 40V series backlit 10-LED driver provides 60dB brightness control and grayscale adjustment through I2C
•; Overvoltage protection for USB/AC input (up to 30V)
•; button on/off control with system reset
•; Battery float voltage: 4.2V (LTC3577, LTC3577-3), 4.1V (LTC3577-1, LTC3577-4)
•; Compatible with SiRF Atlas IV chipset (LTC3577-3, LTC3577-4)

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