AJAZZ black evil mechanical keyboard moonlight white tea ice ice blue experience

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The winter holiday home decadent I, one afternoon slept stunned, wake up to see Zhang Aunt's text message, the first reaction is, fraud SMS? At that time, he first forced the meeting, and later discovered that he applied for a mechanical keyboard test. First of all, I would like to thank Zhang Aunt and Zhong Zhengjun for their love for me.

I have Pennefather V500 black green axis, iKBC C104 black green axis on hand, this time the test has been fortunately assigned to the white tea axis, let me experience the keyboard with different color and axis. This article focuses on AJAZZ Black Jazz Mechanical Moonlight White Tea Ice Blue mechanical keyboard, for do not know what a mechanical keyboard or want to know the history of mechanical keyboard, please yourself Baidu For enthusiasts or God, this article is a good look at it

To mark the first anniversary of the signing, the best draw is a gold coin


Courier packaging, it is still quite tight, there are aunt Zhang's logo: the value is up

Open the express package and see Aunt Zhang everywhere

The positive and negative aspects of kraft paper packaging, quite satisfactory

What's inside is simple, just a keyboard, two sheets of paper, and a drop-resistant foam.

Into the small new .....

Two details work

No backlight and backlight contrast

Gold plated USB? There is also a magnetic ring. The official said anti-interference data line to prevent electromagnetic interference

19420c9dca04.jpg" /> Velcro is more humanized than other materials.

Nameplate behind the keyboard

Anti-slip mat, the effect is a lever

The side burrs of the keycaps are not particularly large, and workmanship is general.

Raised feet, unfortunately only a one-step adjustment can not meet the needs of more people.

The corners of the keyboard are not fitting, so the dust will be more

The way in which the balancer shaft is not a satellite shaft is adopted. It is difficult to disassemble the keycap and the service life is relatively short.

The paint panel was accidentally scraped by the iron shaft of the balance shaft.

Under the LED backlight, the key cap light transmission effect is very good, you can also adjust the brightness according to your preferences

Three split keyboard (1) first step

Remove the keycap, put it neatly, and find it convenient

The key puller is a good thing.

Remove the keyboard body of the keycap

Heijue's self-developed transparent shaft has a 2.0mm key path between the green axis (2.5mm) and the black axis (1.5mm). The key path to the red axis is the same.

Looking at the axis, you can see the AJAZZ font and the LED soldered on the PCB.

(2) Screwdriver Anatomy

As a whole, the distribution of components on the PCB is fairly regular. There will be small defects in the solder joints, but it will not affect the normal use at all.

Soldered solder is a bit uneven

As for the master control of this mechanical keyboard, it can be seen from the figure that it is using the Vision brand master chip, the model is VS11K08L

Connect the PCB data line interface

Using ergonomic streamlined key layout

Three light effects display 1 FN+Del: Floating light

2 FN+Insert: Dragon Dance

(1) Animation 1: Focusing on the center of the keyboard to the sides with lights, no background color

(2) Press it again to center the keyboard as the center and move the ribbons to the two sides.

3 FN+Home: Full Keyboard Breathing

4 FN+PgUp: Spot Water

5 FN+End: pointing country, you can customize each key Led Light off

6 FN+PgDn: Assembling

7 FN+SCLK: Happy Horse / Hot Wheel

(1) The first gear is a horse race. The Pause key is used as a starting point to run around the center with a trailing loop.

(2) The second gear is hot wheels, the backlight moves around

Here is the complete video

Four experience

In view of the fact that there has been a keyboard using a green axis before, there has not been much research on the tea axis. However, this black tea keyboard keyboard, I really let the mechanical keyboard preferences have a change from the green axis to the tea axis, it can use a very light finger, press the paragraph immediately after the trigger, even if the continuous code word Hours do not feel tired and even feel fun. It's not like I used to be as rough as the Green Axis, just to enjoy the thrill of passage and rhythm.

For those who enter the mechanical keyboard, it is generally recommended to enter the green axis first, which can distinguish the difference between the mechanical keyboard and the membrane keyboard with a great intensity. After experiencing the passage of the green axis, you can experience the tea axis, and the tea axis does not have The green axis is so loud, and there is no response to the blue axis. However, the effort is light. With the extension of the use time, the sense of passage and strength of the tea axis is enough to enjoy.

Heijue mechanical men's police mechanical keyboard green axis black axis red axis tea axis wired game lol no red keyboard 129 yuan Lynx featured direct link

Four summary

Do not list the advantages and disadvantages one by one. For a more than a hundred mechanical keyboard, but also what bike, cost-effective is quite high, with a strong chip, dual injection molding process, feel comfortable, no fading, ergonomic key layout, comfortable science, paint panel + mechanical suspension Buttons, five core wire. The only drawback is that the details of workmanship still need to be improved, such as uneven PCB solder joints, paint panels easy to fade, corners do not fit tightly.

The above is my evaluation of AJAZZ black evil mechanical keyboard. Value friends have any questions and leave a message.

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