Short, fine, powerful! Ikbc Poker2 Tea Axis Mechanical Keyboard Experience (with benefits)

How much mechanical keyboard fire, see Zhang Aunt original article to know, every day value friends Sun single, evaluation. Ikbc is a brand that started as a mechanical keyboard, and it is relatively hot in niche keyboards. Why fire? This time, the ikbc poker2 mechanical keyboard was signed. By sharing the experience of using the opportunity, we will also explore the road to ikbc products.

First, positioning & packaging

Ikbc Poker2 is a portable, 61-key programmable mechanical keyboard that is small, 60% of the size of an ordinary standard keyboard and measures 295x102x38mm. Whether it is a tablet, a mobile phone, or a wireless Speaker, portable means some compromises, and so does the keyboard. In order to reduce the size, Poker2 gave up the arrow keys and small number keys.

Who needs a 61-key portable keyboard? My personal understanding is that this type of person who often uses notebooks and prefers an external keyboard will have such needs, and the Ikbc advocacy diagram shows that programmers are also suitable for using Poker2.

Poker2 is packaged in a black carton, with a large "Poker II" on the front and a full English introduction on the back. Labels on both sides are labeled with manufacturers and product information - it is finally in Chinese.

There is an anti-counterfeit label on the front, and you can check the product information by phone or SMS.

Second, how short Poker2 in the end

As mentioned earlier, Poker2 is only 60% of the size of a standard keyboard. It uses the 104 key Shuangfeiyan KB-8 entered earlier to compare. The Poker2's keycaps are the same size as the regular ones, with similar spacing and visually very small. Apart from the absence of a keypad, the very narrow border is the main factor. It is similar to the frameless design of mobile phones and TVs.

Compared with the 14-inch notebook keyboard, the length is basically the same, the width is smaller, and the use of the notebook with no sense of violation. Just the thickness is far behind, this is not the main thin ThinkPad is also much thinner than the Poker2.

Third, the details of work

Poker2 has two colors, black and white. I received the black one. It can be seen that the keyboard base and the keycap are not the same color, and the keycap is closer to the gray. The keyboard does not have a foothold and cannot adjust the tilt angle.

Poker2's keycaps are made of PBT material, which feels a bit like a very fine sand, not slippery but smooth. Compared to the ABS keycap of the Pennefather V500 mechanical keyboard, the feel is very different.

I don't know much about the technology of the keycap. Look at this flawed key. It feels like a silkscreen. With more prints, it will be worn out. Poker2 is also a bit unsatisfying. Almost every keycap has a pronounced "tail" in the injection hole. Although it does not affect use, it does not give a good impression.

Like other ikbc keyboards, Poker2 comes with a dial pad and three color Shift, Alt, and Ctrl keys. The key dialer uses a relatively thin metal, and the short key is very convenient, and it is a little inconvenient to use the long space key. I think the Black Poker2 with color key caps is not as good as the white ones.

The screws at the bottom of the keyboard are hidden under the anti-slip mat and are more beautiful. The upper part has a slot, the keyboard line can be left or right. The left side of the back has the same pattern as the package, with a brushed metal nameplate in the middle and a dip switch on the right.

Poker2 uses the latest USB Type-C interface and provides both Type-A and Type-C data lines. Both types of data cables are relatively long and can meet the needs of a variety of environments. Type-A data cables are made of nylon, and Type-C data cables are made of soft rubber. For the adoption of the Type-c interface, on the one hand, the popularity of the new standard interface, and the other factor is that the Type-C can be inserted to adjust the outlet.

Fourth, where the strong poker2

In addition to the small and exquisite appearance of the Poker2, the original cherry shaft in Germany is also an attractive place, with a choice of tea, red, green and black axes. The keyboard I received this time was the tea axis. I like it better. The trigger pressure is smaller and the sense of passage is not very obvious. Although there is no obvious pressing feeling on the blue and black axes, it is very suitable for this kind of regular typing in the office. The use of the environment. Although it is a mechanical keyboard, the typing sound is not very loud, and it is even smaller than the film keyboard of a colleague next door.

Poker2 has LED lights only on the left side of the space bar and CapsLock. Although Poker2 comes with an opaque keycap and no backlight, each button has an LED light. Has a strong conversion space, but also ikbc keyboard attractive place.

Another strong point for Poker2 is that there are four layers. In addition to the default layer, the other three layers can be programmed independently. The LED of the space bar can tell which layer it currently belongs to. When it is off, it is the default layer. Red, green, and blue represent Layer1, Layer2, and Layer3 respectively. Press Fn+Right Shift to switch the editing layer. In the editable layer, press Fn + right Ctrl key to enter the layer mode, then press Fn + right Ctrl to save and exit. Poker2 also has user-friendly programming delay settings that can be set according to your preferences. If you have forgotten the settings, you can restore the default settings for individual layers or for all editing layers.

Poker2 has 6 dip switches, 1 and 2 of which are keyboard layout changes that can be switched between Workman, Colemak, Dvorak, and Qwerty. DIP switch 3 is to change the position for the Fn and Pn keys. However, this default layer is not supported. I follow the steps in the instructions, and I can't do anything. I don't know where the problem lies.

I personally prefer to use separate arrow keys. Poker2 is Fn+asdw by default. If you use software that requires a lot of mouse, the key combination is very inconvenient. Fortunately, the individual direction keys can be turned on by the dip switch 4, and the Fn, Pn, right Ctrl, and right Shift keys are mapped into arrow keys, and the right Alt key becomes Fn key. However, the 4, 5, and 6 DIP switches can only be used at default layers that cannot be programmed, and programming and independent arrow key switches cannot coexist. I like independent arrow keys like I do, and want to map the Fn key to the Win key that is not commonly used on the left.

V. Experience summary

Although I have received a key cap that is a bit embarrassing, but it is undeniable that the keyboard is very fine workmanship, PBT keycap feel great. Through the combination of keys, you can achieve menus, volume adjustments and other functions, and 87-key keyboard use experience on the use of almost.

The Poker2's 61-key design is destined to be a relatively niche mechanical keyboard. For programmers developing with VIM, using this keyboard has a small finger movement range and is easier to use. Individuals do not feel bad about light pollution on the keyboard, but it would be better if Poker2 used a translucent two-color keycap. Although not the mainstream configuration of the office, Poker2 is a cost-effective, high-quality keyboard for those who have a requirement to carry.

1, the keyboard is small, save space.
2, support for 6 sets of dial switch settings, three-layer programming, powerful.
3, high face value, keyboard work fine, PBT keycap feel good.
4, in the entry-level keyboard using cherry original shaft cost-effective.

1, positioned in the portable, but more than 1 kg more weight.
2. The Fn and Pn keys cannot be changed in the default layer. The independent arrow keys can only be used in the default layer.
3, not using Bluetooth wireless connection

The test of being able to win the ikbc Poker2 mechanical keyboard was surprisingly reasonable. Unexpectedly because Zhang Ama's mechanical keyboard is too many people, and I just just contact the rookie mechanical keyboard; reasonable is that I wrote a single mechanical keyboard drying sheet, and the measured value of small ones heard of me Prayer - Thanks to Aunt Zhang for giving me the opportunity to come back.

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