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Although I enjoy buying and buying things like speakers and headphones, I'm still a newcomer. Although you let me hard to say that I really can give you a lot of plausible It’s a cliché, but I often feel like I’m in a haze. People who talk sometimes may be guilty.

Some time ago I wanted to change the bookshelf box and started to search for a bluetooth speaker. I really thought that this could be used with my bookshelf. After I got it, I found out that I wanted more...

First, the reason for purchase Hivi monitor speakers H4 single pack (H.System series) 999 yuan Swans H4 positioning monitor level speakers, with a 4-inch bass unit, the tweeter is a 19mm metal hard dome, 2.0-channel, 90W Power, combined with a subwoofer can form a combined sound system. The H4 is a single amplifier design. A switch potentiometer is placed on the lower right foot of the front baffle, and the speaker power can be turned off by rotating it counterclockwise. The volume can be adjusted by turning clockwise. The bass of the H4 is a brand new 4 inch bass unit G4N Jingdong direct link View Encyclopedia

In terms of routines, we should say why we should choose this speaker... but I only want to search for information after buying it. So the real reason to buy is because of the discount.

Some time ago Jingdong New Year's Festival audio and video volume 999-260, coupons show the heart of the Swans hik mk3 wait until the 10th can be used, minus the 260 need to be in a thousand days to find that he found a history of low prices ...

Later, the facts discovered that I wanted to increase the price of ~10th to the Jingdong immediately. I didn't buy anything from JD. I found that JD was playing so much... I was looking forward to having so many days tonight if I couldn’t afford to be mad? ~ So, I’d like to open a coupon and read the bookshelf. I found that the price of HuiWei H4 is pretty good. Searched Aunt Zhang’s mother is still a lot lower than historical lows, and 619 yuan doesn’t know how the speakers are. Anyway, I shouldn’t suffer a loss.

The first order was successful. When the payment was made for the second time, the price of the product was found again.

The original Jingdong really is such a play! ! ~

One of them is right... Whoever makes my hand slower, and goes online and searches for good reviews is not a good one, but only one obsessive-compulsive disorder is really uncomfortable.

Second, unpacking and accessories

Jingdong Mall’s impression of me is that it can be delivered in the morning in the afternoon. However, this speaker gave me three days... It was too long to wait for the speaker, and I thought I only bought a speaker every day. There is no willingness. Only picking up hands to save unhappy, so to find a free fish 450 yuan, the seller sent SF only a day slower than Jingdong ...

Swans H4 is a relatively small speaker, but the box is huge. Look at the deteriorating level of the box even a bit skeptical that this is the 2010 inventory...

△ After opening the box is a single connector of Akihabara. There is no protective measure in the empty slot of the foam plastic. However, this kind of thing has nothing to break....I just don’t know very much why I keep it inside.

â–³ Accessories: manual, power cord, lotus line, adapter, moisture-proof bag (this is also considered to be accessories ~)

â–³About the Lotus Line: The new shiny power cord has somewhat reduced my concerns about second-hand Dong. The two power-line and rough guys in Lianhua County are indeed of good quality and are indeed difficult to manage. The four lines of the two speakers are difficult to tame, no matter how they are lined up. Regardless of how they pack up behind the speakers, they have a bunch of lines. To move a speaker, you have to spend a small amount of the "legged dog"~ the lotus heads on both sides of the signal line. Connecting to a computer is a little bit laborious and requires an adapter.

â–³ take out the speaker is such a dark, poor quality, what the thread is outside the cover ... and there is no need to put the cover on the dust when the speaker is not intended, the speaker is a direct metal filter does not It's a dust cover... so if you don't use this cover for a long time it's still very useful, and the paint is easy to get rid of.

â–³ Take off the clothes to reveal the body ~ about 20 centimeters of the weight of the speaker is nine pounds ... took out when it is really heavy, I did not expect such a small thing is actually so honest ~ but really very small, placed as long as the cable is strenuous Everything is fairly easy and it looks pretty good.

â–³ The back plate is a metal wire drawing, and it takes part in the heat dissipation function

â–³After tearing the film, it is bright and bright, and the surface decoration is indeed a time-consuming effort. It can be used as a paint surface for mirrors, a feeling of a thick furniture factory; the front panel is covered with skin and film, and the touch is very clear. It should also be durable.

Third, the parameters and configuration

Ebony leather piano paint MDF MDF: said so high-end search found but wood chip suppression of wood-based panels and then painted under the next thing ... but still boast about it, although it was the feeling of wood sofa in early years, in the sun is a map In this more reddish color, when the light is dark, it is black.

Electronic crossover active monitor speakers: Separately to explain that the electronic crossover is a thing that a few years ago still high but most of the active speakers can now use can increase the dynamic; active speaker It means that there is no need to connect the front section directly to input the sound source directly. From the comments area of ​​Aunt Zhang, many people tend to use passive speakers and DACs to match the ears. However, for me, the active speakers are more convenient. Some of the existing rationales exist, but I hope that you don't use active technologies that are useless and not obsolete. Of course, you may try passives in the future, but it is also a good idea to start with active sources.

Listening to multimedia speakers: Everyone is talking about listening is a false proposition, like saying that this dish I did not put salt into a selling point is really a strange thing. Swans H4 claims to be faithful to the original sound to avoid large sound and large dynamic distortion does not add a variety of spices, in fact, my sense of hearing is still a bit rendered, but there is no Lu sauce that thick sauce tail, more like a The vegetarian dish that Lu cooks cooks, wants the list to want to please again, then becomes more like a multimedia box feeling...

For me who is not a fancier who hasn’t determined his listening style and even has a sound card, I’m going to buy a monitor for the next upgrade and it’s going to be a bunch of things. After all, it’s time for a style song. Listen (sometimes even prefer to listen to mp3's like singers rather than non-destructive bunch of old songs) Oh, and my speaker is suitable for a certain style, not as good as my speaker is suitable for me, speaker master Their modification of the sound may be honey for me today, and I may become an awkward for next month...

H.System: Swans H4 is based on the reason that each speaker is equipped with a monophonic amplifier system. It can be used to allow users to combine various types of systems, such as 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, although theoretically different brands. Can also be grouped 2.1 But how to match with the same design scheme will make people think there will be better results. Swans H4, H5, H10 are caliber named ~ 4 inch caliber Swans H4 in the role of the satellite box or two groups 2.0, so the sound design above will certainly not have too much low frequency it wants to, fortunately, the Swans H4 The tuning system on the back of the cabinet makes a lot of gameplay.

Equalizer: The rear panel of Swans H4 is four three-stage toggle equalizers, T200 also has, Guess guess LF represents the low frequency MF represents the middle frequency HF represents the high frequency, Baidu said are "bass: 0 / ± 2dB (100Hz ), Middle pitch: 0/-2/-4dB (500Hz), Treble 0/±1dB (10KHz)", HP searched for the cutoff frequency called by the searcher. It was only used when the external subwoofer was used. The frequency of subwoofer to give the sound to the original intention should be designed to play high group 5.1, I only know that HP is the amount of blood can only be adjusted to 0, but fortunately everyone is also recommended to adjust to 0.

Gold-plated lotus head demolition socket: only one method of audio input can be lotus, Internet commentator said that the quality of the included audio cable is not good. The line can greatly increase the low frequency, I did not try again without comment. The advantages of the detachable power cord is of course used as a high-end player to change the line ~ but for the low-end of me, the removable power supply in addition to the back space is very annoying and outside no use to it...

Switch and volume keys: The swan's logo is on the left and the switch and volume are on the right. The day when I had to slouch was the weak volume knob designed by the Swans H4. In the end, I thought that the volume knob was not very durable when I first got it. Then I found it really not very durable in practical use...especially Compared to the second-handed volume knob of salted fish, it's soft and no sense of damping. There isn't a lot of practical effect on the switch, because after turning off the speaker, it will still heat up. So most of the time, the main control of the socket is used to switch the speakers. I don't know whether this direct power-off mode will affect the speaker. What effect does it have...

In addition, due to the two speakers, it is often necessary to adjust the volume left and right to find a more suitable location...so really tired.

Chips: The chip really does not understand but still put the parameters for everyone to see 4 TL084 4 channel op amp is responsible for the electronic frequency division, 2 TL082 op amps are responsible for the low frequency and high frequency two speakers, a US semiconductor LM13700 each other I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Fourth, sound introduction

Let's talk first... I didn't have a sound card when I first entered the pit. I don't know how many people in the comment area would call me ignorant. I would like to reply first. I'm sorry, thanks, I know...

Why haven't you bought a sound card so far? Because you haven’t found any spare money soon after entering pits, now when you listen to Netease Cloud Music, use a Bluetooth sny-10A turntable to listen to lossless music. Use A25 with Sony pha1a plug directly... Liangdian Bluetooth turntable comes with ak4490 decoding, originally used with sph9500 songs, saying off topic then the Bluetooth dial with sph9500 really cool it, it is suitable for low impedance headphones on the speaker is particularly unprofessional though The masters are blinding, but I'm currently at a loss, and then waiting until the time we're not there and then having a sound card and upgrading is another surprise.

The description of the sound because I only have two decoders without speaker sound card may not be particularly objective, but I really do not want to change the device to listen to the ferry, and then put the California hotel ferry to tell everyone how intoxicated, after all, I hear the ferry When I wasn’t intoxicated... so I didn’t fiddle with my songs and I feel like saying something:

In terms of high frequencies: Everyone says that the Swans H4 is Ping Ping and not sharp but I think it's very sharp... After all, there is a 20mm metal dome tweeter, and I even want to count this as a disadvantage, but fortunately I feel it is occasional There will be sharp sounds, but there will be no feeling of discomfort. I prefer to listen to people playing guitar before going to bed. Every time I play stringed metal, it makes me numb.

IF: As the most powerful frequency response area, the Swans H4 is a speaker that is very suitable for hearing vocals. Without so many adjectives to describe it, the sound is particularly clear and particularly clear, and it is very open with music. However, sometimes when listening to the streaming songs of the mobile phone, the vocals will be mixed with the instruments. I am the source of the sound, but at the same time, the sph9500 on the Bluetooth turntable does not have this phenomenon. With A25 plus pha1a lossless music when there is no such mixed feeling, included in this month's top ten unsolved mysteries ... ...

In the low-frequency aspect, when people haven’t thought of describing it, they see others describe it as “receiving quickly and quickly, and going faster and faster”. I think it’s still very similar, although it’s just the positioning of a satellite box, but there is no shortage of low frequencies. Powerful, but not a rumbling sound, when it comes to watching the movie, it doesn't get it, so many will add a subwoofer to form a 2.1, think it should be quite cool...

V. Use feelings and purchase suggestions

I think this set of new and old two boxes cost a thousand dollars. I think it is worthwhile. After all, the fact that JD.com immediately changed the price made me deeply revel in the joyful feelings that made up JD.com.

Extra points are sound and appearance:

The sound is indeed a value, use this box to listen to Netease cloud music and listen to the difference between lossless music can be identified in one ear, before using jbl charge3 when there is not so much difference, then need to carefully distinguish between a little brain It's time to tell whether NetEase Cloud music has lossless format music, so it doesn't specifically collect lossless music. Now it's using streaming media sound to feel flustered, and after using the lossless format, it will be comfortable (but not many of my favorite songs).

The appearance aspect is worth buying extra points, after all, how to put the small box is convenient and not abruptly integrated into the family environment, thick furniture factory feel like this box with my family rural style decoration style is simply a very match ~ However, attention should be paid to leave the wall at 60cm to display the low frequency.

Decrease is also a lot

First of all, after the speaker is turned off and kept on power, unless the power plug is off, it will always be in the condition of spending electricity.

Secondly, the volume knob feels odd and there is a risk of being broken at any time, and because of the two boxes, it is often necessary to tune the tune to the right and not tune it again (because you need to turn off the power...)

Once again, the speaker fever heat fever serious winter is warm summer still do not know how ~

The last thing is that a lot of lines behind the speakers must be managed by a lot of cable managers.

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