The value of the ZDM head mill MI mobile power 2

Say you might not believe that this year is the fifth year that I am worth buying.

If you look at your own production, and those big gods are simply a world away from each other, so few of them are gold coins, and you rarely see the wool of your mother's family. If you do not invite a few whites, you may only be able to cash in on a pile of single dog food. . . 6666 This is called strength pit teammates sincerely for the mother to develop offline ~

There is a bug in dog food

For a long time ago (14-2-17), 50 gold coins were exchanged against a Chinese redemption code, and now only 10 points are needed. Is it worth buying and expanding? The key is to never use this account after the redemption.

Finally get enough 700 whole, you can redeem a mobile power. The gold coins are cleared instantly and they feel that the body is hollowed out

Immediately after the exchange of consumer coins

Then there is a long wait. I can view my gifts in the personal center - gift exchange - exchange record

Finally, after five days, you can inquire through the audit, show the logistics information, and receive a delivery SMS to pick up the order after five days. This process is simply looking forward to another and the baby will be here.

Dangdang ~

Small package a little weight

It is easy to see that the side is rolled up with a paper shell

We are very kind to see Welfare King.

Get out of the box, get excited and see photos...

Aunt's home custom label

The line is also tied with no loops and looks uncomfortable

Fortunately, this film is still a little more stable

Standard 10000mAn, home has a 5400 obviously not enough, heavy 6s mobile phone users can only manage for a long time, and two charges a day is difficult.

The official website shows the thickness of 14mm, just have a ruler on hand, compare it, um, it seems I'm bored

Thousands of thousands of redemption gifts I do not want to, those iphone ah, ipad ah, kindle ah, xbox ah, lego ah all missed me, you work hard, come on ~ the last picture for the welfare ~

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