# The original innovator # school good things Recommended: Mom, I bought this to learn!

Lantern Festival Lantern Festival and Valentine's Day guns, all in the spring girl's footsteps in the past ~ play also play waves, the new school year slowly began! juvenile! You start school hahahaha!

We don't want to start this kind of thing in school, but if it does happen, we must have peace of mind. After all, if you want to go to school, the counselors at the registration office are there. Of course, there is no way to offset the negative emotions of the school. That is to sell and sell! What is the best magic weapon for college students? This time by seniors with their own blood and tears for everyone portrait! With a "mother, I bought this to learn" food, the effect is better!

Study room artifact: learning makes me happy!

Final exams, IELTS exams, post-graduate exams, and exams can only be reviewed if you want to study. Even if you simply read a book and quietly disguise yourself as a good teacher of love and study, you must also constantly make a fuss about the study room! Therefore, sincerely recommend self-study room artifact: Kindle!

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Although it has been recommended by everyone bad, but it really easy to use honey! Originally, I have been using the IPAD to look at e-books, and I feel that there is no difference, but! I will tell you that I can't see the book on the iPad for 10 minutes and I'll be happy to use it.

And kindle's pricing is relatively close to the people, both oasis preparation for local tyrants, there are hundreds of pieces that can be started, compared to the ipad experience, but also allows you to focus on efficient reading, and relative to paper books, various The function of checking the word in the note is exceptionally convenient, and it is light and compact, and it is easy to put into a coat pocket. It can be said to be the best choice for reading! Of course, if you go to the study room to do roll-ups, then it's honestly backstab and don't expect to buy a kindle to read a book, kindle is just for lovers who love books, and for people who don't love books. There will be hanging fish...

In addition, insert a sentence that is not recommended in the study room! Is the insulation cup! At noon in the bedroom took a cup of hot water to the study room, four in the afternoon thirsty to take a drink, a hot mouth bubble! And no one thinks that drinking water with that cup is so hot! Later I bought a normal cup that was not insulated at all. Mom no longer has to worry about my mouth being hot!

Dorm Magic: Playing games makes me happier!

Study hard in the study room and don’t be serious in the bedroom! Before I saw someone recommend what kind of curtains, ah, what kind of stickers ... ... you determine that such a bedroom is what you want? Anyway, I think the most important thing in the bedroom is the decoration, and the most important thing must be a brother!

And the big brothers in the bedroom open a black game or something, deep down to who cares about three times where we are! We are Masters fighting in Dalaran! We are heroes guarding ancient ruins! We are the survivors who threw out the zombie! However, the problem has come! Many games are played on the Internet in LAN, and each of us is a LAN. In other words, there is no way to connect with the buddies in the next room! However, there is a good saying that the IQ of boys will only reach the top when playing games and chasing girls! Our little man in the bedroom discovered this artifact! Dandelion router!

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Originally, the bedroom would also need to buy a router. Under the lobbying of this buddy, several buddies in our bedroom chose this route, and the magical thing appeared! After a simple setup, we are all on a LAN! Then began a happy time... From the path to survival to the land of the Lordless to Counter-Strike to the Red Alert, there is a thrill at online cafes! However, although the game is good, don’t greedy

Playground equipment: good health can be happy!

Study in the study room in the study room, exercise the revolution in the playground! The time in the truth school is the best way to exercise! I'm very sorry about graduating. Why didn't I use my school gym from the beginning of my freshman year! And it's easier to stick with the budding buddies to exercise together. What is the playground equipment recommended to everyone? Is a wireless headset! As a James fan, resolutely decided to Zhanhuang with the power beats! Although the roommate ridiculed a pair of 2b on the ear, it was really easy to use!

Beats has always been criticized for moving times. But we run up, not to listen to verbs! The ear-mounted design does not need to worry about the earphone slipping. Although it is in-ear type, it can also be heard that the environmental sound is safe. Although it is a little expensive for nearly 1,000 oceans, I think it is worth it if I often run and exercise!

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Then we have to say what is not recommended... then surely it is a piece of exaggerated equipment that the bedroom brother bought - drag umbrella. He thought he was like this...

In our eyes he looks like this...

In short, after having used this gadget once and experiencing a small range of onlookers, Big Brother has never used it any more... It has become our bedroom and we talked about 2333. If we simply run without fun, then we can help with the sandbags. This stuff is really... ...some exaggerated ~

This is probably a little life experience for the graduating senior schoolmaster to give you! By the time you are senior, you will find out how wonderful the term "school" is. Not feeling it! I wish my classmates learn and cherish!

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