Nanchang University Silicon Substrate LED Project won the first prize of National Science and Technology Invention Award

The results of the 2015 National Science and Technology Awards were announced today, and 295 results and 7 foreign science and technology experts were awarded. The awards conference included the National Science and Technology Award, the National Natural Science Award, the National Technology Invention Award, the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award. Among them, 42 national natural science awards, 66 national technical invention awards, and 187 national scientific and technological progress awards were awarded to 7 foreign scientific and technological experts for international scientific and technological cooperation awards. The highest science and technology award is vacant.

According OFweek semiconductor lighting network learned this conference, led lighting industry in Nanchang University silicon substrate LED project by the National Science and Technology Invention Award (first prize).

It is understood that at the 2014 National Science and Technology Awards Conference, two major projects in the semiconductor lighting industry won the second prize of the National Technology Invention. They are: a low thermal resistance high light efficiency sapphire-based GaN led material epitaxy and chip technology; Second, the construction of three-dimensional free optical surface to control light behavior and its application in semiconductor lighting.

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