Some basic understanding of smart home

I believe that most people nowadays have no knowledge of the term "smart home," but actually they do not have a specific understanding. In fact, apart from major electronic devices, smart homes also include many small systems, some of which must be installed, such as control systems and security systems that we know well, and some things can be selected for installation. . However, these alternative systems cannot be called smart homes. Only those systems that can embody intelligent home functions can be called smart homes.

First, the main system and subsystem

Businessmen joining smart homes are now on the product's qualifying certification, plus some other auxiliary systems, and when they are sold, those who join the smart home will mostly promote the auxiliary system, because those basic The smart home is equipped with each.

Therefore, it can be said that the main system of the smart home determines the product quality, and the auxiliary system determines the product price and customer impression. With the same quality of the main system, the customer may be willing to purchase a good auxiliary system at a more reasonable price.

Second, wireless smart home

Today's franchisees are mainly joining the wireless series of smart homes, because wireless applications are now very widespread and very popular. Because of this emergence of home-based methods, people are freed from the complicated lines and make the application of smart homes more flexible and convenient, giving people more freedom. Because there is no need to install cumbersome lines, so whether it is the cost of installation or line costs can save a lot of money, but the price will not be reduced when sold, so it is also a good choice for businesses joining smart home.
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