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[Text / high-tech LED Xiong Yuheng] The old saying goes: There are people, there are rivers and lakes. Nowadays, where there are business leaders, there are commercial rivers and lakes. However, the swords and rivers and lakes, the endings are always different. Some people became famous in the first battle, and they succeeded in one side of the industry. After a hundred years, it is all about the talk of the passers-by after a meal.

When it comes back to the current LED industry, the market is changing, and the outlook seems clear, but it is full of variables. This is the "big bang" that walks in between, asking who can grasp the direction of the industry, avoiding the risk and exploring development, becoming the martial arts hegemon, and then becoming the LED enterprise leader that really affects China and the world? Now let’s make a conclusion, perhaps premature.

The annual high-tech LED Golden Globe Award is the annual Wulin Conference. Previously, we will “establish a good brand and find a good product” as the theme of our selection, which is more sharp than the “weapon”. However, this year we did not stick to the "weapons", but added more elements, such as who is more stable than the backer, who has more profound skills.

Corporate Leader of the Year (from left) Guoxing Optoelectronics, Mulinsen, Sanxiong Aurora, Sunlight Lighting, Hongli Optoelectronics

The setting of the “Corporate Leader of the Year” award is a brand new attempt. If there is a dragon knives in the air, but there is a tire in the bones, how far can such a "hacker" go, we can not guarantee. The so-called BMW can match the hero, only the peerless master (such as Zhang Wuji) with the Dragon Sword can finally reach the throne of the martial arts lord.

Our original intention is to hope that the marketization of China's LED industry will follow in the footsteps, and witness the development and transformation of the LED industry through the selection of leaders. With the help of the strength of the leader, imitation or transcendence, the aim is to give direction to the development of the industry in the next three years. If there is a sequel, they will form a Hall of Fame in the LED industry, which constitutes a history of the LED industry.

This year's high-tech sword, we will be the general manager of Guoxing Optoelectronics Wang Sen, Hongli Optoelectronics Chairman Li Guoping, Mulinsen Chairman Sun Qinghuan, Sunshine Lighting General Manager Guan Yong, and Sanxiong Aurora Chairman Zhang Yutao to the throne of the leader. These five people have their own skills, and there is no one in the entire LED industry. No one knows, and this award is truly deserved.

In the next three years, the LED situation is unclear, and the transformation, upgrading, and closing of the drama will be staged. Take the leader as a mirror, or take the retreat into the negative and break through the obstacles of the road ahead, or turn around and open up new battlefields. Avoid the risks that can be harnessed and break through the development boundary. These business leaders who focus on the future of the future are of great significance to entrepreneurs who are exploring the way forward for LEDs.

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