Power LED industry automation upgrade high-tech robot annual meeting on the 15th Shenzhen opening

[Text / high-tech robot Zeng Yongzhen] LED production automation is the trend of the times, and robots are the most flexible smart devices, the future will play a pivotal role in the LED industry.

Industrial robots can not only solve the automation problems of LED multi-variety and mixed-flow production, realize the concept of “flexible production”, but also ensure the stability, uniformity and consistency of product quality and improve the competitiveness of products.

The variability of LED products requires switching production equipment or mixed-line production, making it difficult to cope with common established automated production lines. Industrial robots are different, they can adjust the control program according to the changes of the product, and the implementation of offline programming of industrial robots makes the program replacement not affect the existing production.

Due to the miniaturization of products, more sophisticated automation equipment is required to participate in the production, and LED upstream chips and midstream packages have been basically automated. At present, the most intensive manpower is the assembly and handling of LED downstream application companies.

In fact, more and more enterprises, especially large-scale application enterprises, are beginning to realize the necessity of automated production, including Hangzhou Zhongwei, Taiwan Zhongmao, Tengsheng Industrial and other enterprises have launched their own automatic lighting production lines, vying for The huge LED lighting production line is automatically upgraded and upgraded, and some of the production lines integrate industrial robots.

From the perspective of application companies, LED lighting manufacturers including Mulinsen, Sunshine Lighting, Xiamen Lidaxin, Yuanhui Optoelectronics, Zhejiang Shenghui, Sichuan Xinli Light Source, etc. have already put into use the automated production line. Among them, the automation production lines of Yuanhui Optoelectronics, Xinli Light Source and Lidaxin are integrated with industrial robots.

In addition, the handling of mobile robots (AGVs) in production workshops and warehouses has been implemented in many industries, saving manpower while ensuring the safety of handling products. At present, companies such as Lehman Optoelectronics and Lianchuang Optoelectronics have AGV. Application examples.

The 2015 Gaogong Robot Annual Conference and High-tech Golden Globe Awards Ceremony will be held on January 15-16, 2016 at the Meihua Hall on the fifth floor of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

As the benchmark for the high-end summit of the robot industry, this conference will invite more than 450 people from the top leaders of multinational corporations, listed companies and industrial chain segments to participate in the event. At that time, the industry's biggest names will be based on the theme of “returning value and reshaping the new ecology of the industry”, and will analyze and discuss the status quo of robot application, and seek the industrial situation.

The high-tech robot has successfully held the Sixth High-tech Robot Industry Summit Forum, including the 2014 Annual Conference of High-tech Robots. The number of participants has exceeded 5,000, and a large number of medium and large-scale robots, system integration and application industries have been accumulated. Corporate decision-making network resources, these precious resources will be shared with you at the meeting.

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