Honeywell decides to withdraw from North American LED business

Honeywell's general manager of electronic products Donald Pierre Milstein recently wrote to Honeywell Lighting's representative that Honeywell's leadership has decided to withdraw from the North American LED business. The decision under the leadership team was a major personnel change at Honeywell China's LED factory, a lack of engineering power to support and expand the business, and other business factors.

Donald P. Milstein said that the decision at this time is intended to ensure that the market is no longer penetrated further and must be evacuated to reduce the negative impact on the channel.

In addition, Donald P. Millstein stressed that the withdrawal of the LED business does not mean that it lacks responsibility, support or confidence in E-Mon and other Honeywell electronic product lines. In fact, this change will shift its energy and focus to E-Mon's core business and Honeywell product line.

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