Taiwanese factory Zhaoyuan raised 690 million Taiwan dollars to expand sapphire substrate capacity

On August 8, the Taiwan Sapphire Substrate Factory Zhaoyuan Board of Directors passed a cash increase case, with a total issued 30 million shares, and the capital increase price of NT$23 per share (the same below) is expected to raise 690 million yuan.

Zhaoyuan said that in order to meet the demand for LED and optical sapphire in the future, it plans to invest 1 billion yuan to expand the new plant in Zhunan. It is expected to be completed in the third quarter of next year, when the maximum capacity in a single month will reach 1 million.

Zhaoyuan said that the factory in Hsinchu is currently rented. Due to the existing land in Zhunan, it will invest 1 billion yuan to expand the new plant. Since October this year, it will start construction in the third quarter of next year. The monthly production capacity will be increased from the current 600,000 pieces to 1 million pieces. In addition to the original LED backlight and lighting customers, the appropriate production capacity will be allocated to optical applications. At the end of this year, the mobile optical application target will account for 10% of the company's revenue, becoming the first A sapphire plant that builds capacity for optical applications.

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