Guodian Thermal Power Investment Inclined to Coastal Coal Electricity

Guodian Thermal Power Investment Inclined to Coastal Coal Electricity Recently, Guodian Group held a special meeting on investment management and plan management and control to deploy investment management and plan management and control for the current and future period. Chairman of the meeting, Qiao Baoping, said that the thermal power investment will be tilted to the east coast and the coal power base in the west.

In his speech, Qiao Baoping, chairman of the company, put forward six requirements for strengthening investment management and plan control. Emphasizing that we will concentrate on superior resources to strengthen our main business, highlight the development of key thermal power projects, consolidate the strategic advantages of wind power, accelerate the replacement of hydropower shorts, and orderly develop other new energy such as nuclear power; investment in the power generation industry must pay more attention to optimizing the layout Structure to achieve clean and efficient development. The thermal power investment is tilted to the eastern coast, the western coal-fired power base, and the large-capacity high-parameter coal-fired power unit around the coal-transmission power transmission channel. Wind power investment is inclined to projects that have a good ability to absorb and benefit. Hydropower investment focuses on optimizing the strategic layout of “four districts and one river basin” and leans towards the development of large-scale high-quality hydropower resources. Safely invest in nuclear power, solar energy and other new energy power generation projects. Investment in related industries should closely focus on the power industry to prevent excessive extension of the industrial chain; strictly control the regional and project investment with poor efficiency, strictly control investment in non-core businesses, strictly control investments in office buildings and training centers, and strictly control projects that cannot meet revenue requirements. M&A strictly controls the investment in high-risk businesses such as coal chemical industry.

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