Sakura Electric teach you how to bid farewell to "Huanglian Po"

Sakura Electric teach you how to bid farewell to "Huanglian Po" Studies have shown that cooking fumes produced during cooking can cause great harm to human health and cause malignant diseases such as lung cancer and nasal cancer. According to studies conducted by the China Indoor Decoration Association's Indoor Environment Monitoring Center, the kitchen is the most serious space for air pollution in the family. The benzene contained in cooking oil produced during the cooking of dishes is a carcinogenic substance, which is the most harmful to the human body. In addition, the oil mist generated when cooking oil is heated to around 270 degrees can cause chromosome damage of the cells, which is also the main cause of skin aging and illness of housewives. The skin of women working in the kitchen over a period of time will become dull and dark, and then go over to Huanglianpo. How to Say No? Sakura snow teaches you.

Housewives who often work in the kitchen must first pay attention to the cleanliness of the face. It is very difficult for ordinary facial cleansers to cleanse the affected face. The best way is to use a make-up remover to clean the face first to remove the fumes completely and use makeup remover. After oil, wash your face with cleansing milk, the skin's fineness and transparency will increase. After cleansing, remember to do a series of skin care procedures. If you do your homework, you will not be afraid of Huanglianpo.

Skin care is important, but the usual cooking habits are very important. Do not overheat the oil. From the nutritional point of view, the vitamins in the pot are also effectively preserved. Instead of repeatedly cooking oil, when selecting edible oils, quality guaranteed products should be purchased to avoid the production of more harmful substances in the heating process.

In addition to diligent skin care and changing habits, what products can absorb the net cause of housewives “Huanglian Po” substances? Sakura snow "green net" range hood can cause "Huanglian Po" material "sucked away", sucking grease, but also women's health is a good face.

Sakura Electric teach you how to "Yellow Face Po" Say No!

Sakura snow range hood CXW-220-Z1208, the whole black glass and stainless steel perfect combination, more simple and stylish, using DC frequency conversion, full-pressure efficiency of 32% or more, to achieve full-band speed stepless adjustment and full-band The stepless adjustment of the amount of exhaust air, the four-dimensional air intake, and the fumes do not flow out, avoiding the rough skin problems caused by housewives due to soot, and truly protecting human health.

With the Sakura Snow Range Hood, the kitchen feels relaxed and joyful, "Huanglian Po"? NO!

Sakura Electric teach you how to "Yellow Face Po" Say No!

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