Canada recalls Chinese-made wall lighting devices

Canada recalls Chinese-made wall lighting devices January 9, 2013, Health Canada and Pier1Imports, Inc. Jointly announced the voluntary recall of indoor/outdoor wall-mounted decorative lighting devices in China. The reason is that the lamp is prone to overheating, causing the plastic of the lamp base to melt and causing a fire.

The recalled indoor/outdoor wall-mounted decorative lighting device was shaped like a cocoon. 40 mini-lights were intertwined to form a dragonfly wing. The product model number was 32219, the SKU code was 2594619, and the red CSA was marked on the power line. The number of recalled products was about 134 baht. It is understood that the lighting device was sold in Canada from February to October 2012. As of now, Pier1Imports, Inc. In Canada, four reports of accidents involving the melting of lamp bases due to overheating have been received. No personal injury has occurred. The Canadian Ministry of Health has not yet received any accident report.

In response, Health Canada advises consumers to immediately stop using the recalled lighting device and contact Pier1Imports Store for return and full refund.

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