New shoreline launches smart TV set-top box solution with gesture control

21ic News Beijing New Shoreline Company released the CubeRead Box, a TV set-top box controlled by 3D gestures, at the Consumer Electronics Show CES2013 in Las Vegas, USA from January 8th to 11th, 2013 for smart home and interactive entertainment. Bring the most technologically imaginative and economically viable solutions.

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One of the highlights of CubeSense Box is that it can get rid of the traditional remote control and use the human body 3D gesture to realize the remote control of the TV interface. The secret of this is that it is equipped with a high-precision depth sensor chip CubeSenseTM. The chip is independently designed and developed by the new shoreline and has all patents. Based on the stereoscopic imaging principle of human binocular vision, the breakthrough of only two ordinary cameras realizes the perception of human gestures in 3D space. Compared with other deep chips in the industry, for example, the PrimeSense chip is expensive because it needs to emit a special laser, and the CubeSenseTM chip is more universal and economically viable. The CubeSenseTM chip has been mass-produced in November 2012 with a maximum processing speed of 60 frames per second and a depth resolution of 1 cm. It can achieve a range of viewing angles of 120 degrees and 0.1 to 10 meters depending on the camera's specifications. Operating distance. It is reported that many domestic and foreign consumer electronics manufacturers are negotiating with the new shoreline about the cooperation of CubeSenseTM chips. In addition, the new shoreline is also in the process of developing a second-generation CubeSenseTM chip, which is expected to support multi-person operation in the second generation of chips.

The second highlight of the CubeSense Box is the integrity of its overall solution. The hardware integration of the deep sensor chip and the dual-core ARM A9 CPU chip has been realized, so there is no need to connect another high-performance, high-power main control chip. In terms of software, CubeSense Box uses Android 4.0 operating system to adapt to a large number of third-party applications in the Android ecosystem. CubeSense Box greatly reduces the development threshold of software and hardware for many TV manufacturers, game manufacturers, etc. At the same time, because it uses a common camera, it can take into account the use of video conferencing, home monitoring, network interaction, etc., is expected to achieve Massive popularity.

New Shoreline is committed to providing high performance, low power semiconductor chips and innovative software solutions to users worldwide. The current TV industry is in the midst of a technology development turning point from traditional TV sets to smart TV sets, from traditional remote control operations to natural man-machine operations. The new shoreline is keenly capturing this industry change and realizing that it is currently The Android software ecosystem, which is booming in the field of mobile computing, will gradually penetrate into the field of home entertainment. Based on years of scientific and technological research, the CubeSense Box solution will be launched. The launch of the program shows the new shoreline's accumulation of "communication computing integration" technology and keen market insight, and also enables the new shoreline to truly provide the complete solution capability from mobile intelligent platform to home intelligence platform. This provides an innovative and comprehensive experience for users around the world in the areas of Phone, Pad, and TV.

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