LED industry oversupply LED manufacturers to form an alliance and find a way out

Due to the large-scale expansion of the mainland LED factory in the second half of 2011, the LED industry presented an oversupply situation. Although it eased slightly in 2012, most LED factories in Taiwan continued to suffer losses. In the short term, the oversupply situation is still unresolved, and the LED industry also said that it is still difficult to turn losses into profit in 2013. Therefore, LED manufacturers will seek strategic alliances and consolidation to ensure orders and increase profit margins.

From a horizontal point of view, including the grain factory crystal electricity into the Guang-Guang, Yu Yuan seeking Sanan Optoelectronics Alliance, etc., Edison Union Min Mingsi and so on. After the integration of crystal power into Guanglu, in addition to MOCVD machine plans to expand to more than 300 units, directly investing in the competitiveness of crystal power production, and consolidate the leading position of the grain factory, until the end of last year, through the introduction of crystal technology, Guangrong Mao Interest rates have improved significantly by about 10 to 20 percentage points. It is estimated that Guanglu will be able to turn a profit from the second half of this year and significantly reduce losses outside the crystal industry.

On the 3rd, the company will introduce Sanan Optoelectronics Fund through private fund raising. Chairman Jian Fengren said that from the market point of view, Yuanyuan can obtain more orders from the Chinese market and export international markets through Sanan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and can also deploy Sanan Optoelectronics when the production capacity is insufficient. Capacity support; more importantly, after the cooperation between the two parties, the demand for raw materials (such as sapphire substrates) is the largest in the world, and it will have an advantage in bargaining, which will help reduce operating costs.

LED package factory Edison also chose to cooperate with Mingmings, the same packaging manufacturer, from the original high-power lighting products, and then expand the layout of low-power lighting market through Simings, and the production capacity of both sides can be adjusted. When the future production capacity of Edison is full or tight, it will also consider taking orders with Simings to benefit the development of both markets.

Optimistic about the future development of the LED market, there are also vertical integration and strategic alliances of the industry, including the merger of Ronda and Power League, and Dehao Runda's shareholding in NVC. Lunda and Power Alliance belong to the AUO Group. At the end of October last year, the company will pass the merger, and it is scheduled to be February 1 this year as the merger base date. Chairman Su Feng said at the IPO meeting that Ronda will be a one-stop company. The business strategy is considered, but the SMD manufacturing capacity is still insufficient. Therefore, the integration of the power alliance will make the Ronda's overall manufacturing supply chain complete.

While many companies in Taiwan are seeking breakthroughs through consolidation, mainland companies are also actively seeking breakthroughs in the LED market. Dehao Runda also announced in December last year that it will acquire 11.81% of NVC Lighting from IVC Investment Corporation for HK$950 million. In addition, 8.24% purchased from the market, Dehao Runda holds a 20.05% stake in NVC. PIDA industry analyst Lu Shaoxu said that Dehao Runda's LED business is from the die to the package, which is a one-stop production strategy, but mainly in the light source manufacturing side. After the acquisition, Dehao Runda goes further. The brand channel is integrated downwards to expand the lighting market.

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