Shanghai World Expo Taiwan Pavilion Guanglei lights up the blessing sky lantern


After the 1970 Osaka World Expo, Taiwan returned to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo this year. The theme of this year's Expo is "Better City, Better Life", which echoes the concern of the human society for the earth and nature, and advocates the exchange and contact between the city and the city.

The design of the Taiwan Pavilion is under the responsibility of the team of architect Li Zuyuan. The theme of the oriental philosophy is "Nature, Spirit, City", which reflects the theme of the combination of humanity and nature. The appearance of the Taiwan Pavilion is the shape of the sky lanterns, showing the "hope" and "blessing" for the future, and the LED display of the internal giant sphere "Taiwan Heart" is the focus of the exhibition.


OPTOTECH is responsible for the construction of the peripheral LED display of Taiwan Heart in the Taiwan Pavilion construction team. Guanglei dispatched the best R&D team to overcome technical problems, tailor-made for the Taiwan Pavilion, and completed this severe project with 27 years of experience. There are four technical difficulties. The first technical requirement is that the heart of Taiwan is a sphere with a diameter of up to 16 meters and a weight of 130 tons. In order to avoid increasing the weight of the main body and destroying the appearance of the ball, the display attached to the outside must be light and close to the sphere. shape. To this end, Guanglei uses eight kinds of LED luminaire specifications with weight and conformability, and tens of thousands of joints to make different placements on the surface of the sphere. Another technique is that several display screens must be independently and simultaneously integrated for playback. Guanglei's control system can control the control of several screens and the whole picture in a single server, making the original complicated program simple.

The third technology is the use of special fixed clips by Guanglei, which can adjust the three dimensions of the lamps (upper, lower, left and right, front and rear), so that the arrangement of the lamps in the spheres becomes smooth, to compensate for the steel structure during the construction of the spheres. Tolerance problem. The last item is that the picture must be undistorted and not deformed. In order to achieve the full reproduction effect, Guanglei uses a unique point-taking mode (corresponding to the LED light point with 600,000-point geometric coordinates), and connects the flat program point-to-point to the surface of the sphere to fix the playback position so that the sphere program can be played without distortion. Deformation. The actual sphere performance is as follows:


The bottom of the sphere (South Pole) is 6 meters high and 360 degrees wide. It is an interactive area for skylights. The audience can choose the favorite skylight through the touch panel. This skylight moves from bottom to top in real time, just like the immersion. .

The middle part of the sphere (up and down the equator), 8.4 meters wide and 270 degrees is the main display screen of the daylight, which can interact with the energized film on the surface of the skylight.

The top of the ball (Arctic), 11 meters high and 360 degrees wide, is planned for night use.

The middle of the sphere faces the VIP room section (up and down the equator), which is 8.4 meters high and 90 degrees wide. It is planned to be a VIP viewing area.

During the exhibition, the dazzling 16-meter giant LED sphere truly displayed the beauty of Taiwan, which made visitors all stop and praised the visual shock brought by the Taiwan Pavilion. Guanglei Technology, a leading LED company in Taiwan, has become the world-famous Taiwanese light with its leading LED display application technology.

Throughout the World Expo held in more than 150 years, all the achievements of the times have been witnessed, and the development of world civilization has been recorded. From the early show off the tools of national power to deter neighbors, to today's attention to natural environmental issues, the World Expo has gradually developed into a worldwide forum and outpost. In the face of such a grand international exhibition, Taiwan is not absent, and there is no doubt about Guanglei Technology.

For more information about Guanglei and Expo, you can browse Guanglei's official website.

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