Dongshan Precision: strong industrialization strength, enter the new field of LED

The LED project backlight was put into production this year, and the lighting products will be put into production next year. The expected revenue from 2010 to 2014 was RMB 21,661,300, RMB 91,265,700, RMB 13,890,300, RMB 1,509,160, and RMB 183,308,800. The company has a 30% interest. LCD module metal backplane The construction period of this project is 1 year. It will be fully produced in the second year. After the production, the annual sales will be about 230 million yuan and the net profit will be about 581.78 million yuan. The company has full equity.

In the next three years, LED TV penetration will increase from 3% to 30%. About 21% of monitors will use LED backlights, while NB will use 100% LED backlights. By 2014, LED backlights will surpass cold cathode fluorescent tubes (CCFLs) and become the leading backlight technology on the market. With LEDs accounting for 10% of the general lighting market, the potential size of LED's general lighting market will reach $25 billion. According to Strategies Unlimited, the high-brightness LED market size will see details

2.0mm Female Pin Header

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