Changzhi introduced 15 sets of high-brightness LED epitaxial wafers and chip manufacturing equipment

On the morning of June 8, the signing ceremony for the MOCVD procurement contract of Changzhi Gaoke Huashang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was held in Changzhi. The cooperation agreement with Germany's Ai Shiqiang and American Veeco Company involving 15 MOCVD equipment not only allowed the local to obtain the world's most advanced high-brightness LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturing core equipment, but also created photoelectric for Changzhi. The industrial base achieved a breakthrough in the most critical nodes in the project construction.

Changzhi LED Optoelectronics Industry is a major strategic move for Changzhi City to promote independent innovation, resolve financial crisis, and solve economic transformation and development problems. Since the project was built, it has achieved extraordinary development. At present, the LED packaging industrialization project with an investment of 250 million yuan has been put into production smoothly. The LED production of backlights for the year is 1 billion; the LED sapphire substrate project with an investment of 200 million yuan and the epitaxial and chip project with an investment of 900 million yuan are also available on April 10 Construction starts on the day and will be completed in August and October this year. The "black horse" of Shanxi, which was produced by the domestic optoelectronic industry, is rewriting the industry record with unprecedented strength and speed.

The 15 MOCVDs purchased on the same day were from Germany's Axel and the US company.

Yuhai Company is engaged to research and development of piezoelectric products and related piezoelectric products,  the related piezoelectric products includes the piezo sensors and transducer. 

The Ultrasonic Transducer is a kind of transducer that converts the ultrasonic signal into electric signal, or vice versa. Ultrasound transmitter and receiver is a transducer that can transmit and receive ultrasound. Ultrasound sensor is a kind of sensor, in essence, it is also a transmitter and receiver. The working principle of this kind of equipment is similar to that of radar and sonar. Active ultrasonic sensors can emit and receive reflected waves, and determine the distance of the target by measuring the time interval between transmission and reception. Passive Ultrasonic Sensor is actually a microphone that can convert ultrasonic signal into electrical signal.

According to the working principle and materials used, the ultrasonic transducer has Piezoelectric Transducer, electrostatic transducer (capacitive transducer), magnetostrictive transducer, electromagnetic acoustic transducer, mechanical transducer and other types [1].


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