Letv Super TV 3 listed today: 1699 yuan!

At 12:00 noon today, the six super TVs will be launched at LeSop Mall and LePar. The previous "buy + pre-sale" upgrade to the current "spot + pre-sale" mode.

Leighton's chairman and CEO Jia Yueting said that the price is lower than the cost of production, ecological subsidies for hardware, the entire industry to break through the bottom line of the industry price, this price is really no friends.

It is worth mentioning that the Super TV 3 no longer take hardware and content membership fees are no longer bundled sales model, users can choose to buy bare metal or membership contract machine. At the time of purchase, every purchase of a full-screen film and television member for one year, the price of bare metal will be reduced by 300 yuan, and 0 yuan will be finally purchased.

In addition, LeTV stressed at the press conference that due to the low prices of TVs in the past, third-party channels will increase their fares, and Super TV 3 will ensure that all channels have the same price.

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