Yang Xueming: The LED exhibition of the Expo will be cautious

On April 30th, 2010, the 41st World Expo was grandly opened by the people of the world. During the 184-day World Expo, exhibitors from more than 200 countries and international organizations from all over the world will bring visitors to all over the world. The different cultures and folk customs are displayed, and more importantly, the World Expo is also a platform for the display of high-tech achievements. Each country has brought the latest high-level technology display focusing on the better life of human beings, which fully reflects the “city”. The theme of making life better." At the venue, the most attractive application is probably LED products. The landmark buildings “One Axis and Four Pavilions” and the urban best practice area are all fully illuminated with LEDs, and there are LEDs worth more than one billion yuan. The display is used to display rich video content.


Like the 2008 Olympic Games and the National Day military parade in 2009, because of the application of many LED products, the public has the opportunity to see the gorgeous colors brought by LED products. For the application of these products, Yang Xueming, a well-known senior consultant of microelectronics in China, told reporters: "Through the successful opening of the World Expo, we can see that the overall strength of our country is constantly improving. This is very exciting. On the other hand, from an industrial point of view, the World Expo is a stage that fully reflects modern high technology, and high technology will be the main way for mankind to gain industrial development in the future. It will certainly bring certain development opportunities for the development of China's LED industry. The application at the World Expo will also have positive guiding significance for the popularization and application of LEDs in the future." But at the same time, he also said that the technical route of China's LED lighting industry is still It is not very mature, has not developed enough to replace the traditional lighting, and thus achieve the third lighting revolution, and the current cost of LED products is still relatively high, how to achieve high-volume production and application, and thus achieve the purpose of reducing costs is also a practitioner Things that must be considered.

For some companies that want to enter the LED industry, Yang Lao also gave his personal advice. He said: "If the company wants to really do LED, the company must have strong strength, and must make up its mind and be determined. Go on without stopping. Because in this industry, opportunities and risks are the same, and the competition is bound to be very fierce. Enterprises must be prepared for the possibility of being eliminated, and they must take the opportunity to win the market first. Machine, in order to get the most benefit!" (Editor: Cheng Xiang)

Military power system refers to the power supply which can provide power for many equipments or other use ,as this items developed through our company R&D department,it has a high energy density and high working power.Seconldy as a new energy it uses ,it is totally pollution-free.Thirdly ,for this miltifunction power pack , Capacity, resistance, Voltage, platform time consistency is good.With short-circuit production function, it get more safe and reliable.Besides YFJ company has a very strict test before sending to customers in order to ensure of our product quality .

Charging chip protection plate(using military-grade smart IC chip, with overcurrent, overpressure, overcharge, overcharge, undervoltage, short circuit, reverse connection, equilibrium voltage and equilibrium charging and other multiple protection functions) to ensure the safety and reliability of the Battery Pack.

1. Solar panel: 18V/40W poly with 5m cable

2. Battery: 12V*40Ah Lithium Battery
3. Output power:  500W inverter
4. Charging time: 4 hours
5. Extra battery voltage: DC12V
6. DC output: 5V/2A and 12V/5A
7. DC input: 12V/5A (PV charger)
8. Input voltage (Max): 24V
9. LED Lamp: 3W led lamp with 5m cable*2pcs
10. Lighting time: 74 Hours (2 lamps)
11. USB output: 5V/4A*4pcs
12. 4 in 1 charging kit: 1 set
13. AC output: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
14. Car boot port voltage: 12V/600A(instant current)
15. Storage time: 6 months
16. Operation Humidity: 10%RH-90%RH
17. Protection grade: IP42
18. Charge operating temperature: 0-45°C
19. Discharge operating temperature: -10~50°C
20. Certification: CE\FCC\UN38.3\ROHS
21. Dimentions: 480*305*165mm/power box
22. Weight: 8.5kg for power box, 13KG for whole set

23. Color option: Red and white, Yellow and white

military power systems

Military Power Systems

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