Dongguan Qinshang Optoelectronics created the largest scale of LED display

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the National Day, the large-scale LED display | display device in the center of Tiananmen Square, the largest scale of the world's square display, was successfully completed. The ultra-bright high-definition picture is magnificent and colorful, and the colorful patterns and awake words appear on the display screen, attracting many Beijing citizens and tourists from all over the world to visit and take pictures. The two large-scale LED display screens successfully installed this time are independently developed, manufactured and installed by Dongguan Qinshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., a leading LED industry company. The person in charge of the LED super large screen expert review meeting in Tiananmen Square said that Qinshang Optoelectronics stood out from the fierce competition of hundreds of domestic and foreign LED peers and successfully completed the 60th anniversary of the National Day military parade. Tiananmen Square large-scale LED display project, not only for the 60th National Day The celebrations also showcase the company's strength in technology, service and brand.

"The large-scale LED display project in Tiananmen Square is different from the LED project in the general sense. It is a hard battle for the winning bidder. It is a rigorous test of the comprehensive strength of supply chain management such as R&D, production and service of enterprises. Must have a very solid development foundation. A person from the tender review committee pointed out that under such strict conditions, Qinshang Optoelectronics successfully won the bid, relying on the comprehensive strength formed by technical strength, product quality, service system and brand image. It is also the result of more than ten years of hard work and experience accumulation in the domestic and foreign markets.

Li Xuliang, Chairman of Qinshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. said: "This successful bid has given Qinshang Optoelectronics a richer social responsibility. From the perspective of the entire industry, it is the specific display of Qinshang Optoelectronics to promote the development of the industry and tap the industry market; In terms of both spurs and encouragement, we will take this opportunity to make persistent efforts in technology research and development, product innovation and brand tempering, and take greater responsibility for promoting the sustainable and healthy development of China's semiconductor lighting industry."

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