Heshan Yinyu LED dress up the 7th venue of the Expo (Figure)

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo Park will be officially opened on May 1st. At that time, people from all walks of life will be able to take advantage of the tickets. For the first time in front of the Expo, I believe that all Chinese people would like to visit and experience in Shanghai. With the theme of “Better City, Better Life!”, the Shanghai World Expo will explore human urban life and build a platform for exchanges between cities around the world. In order to create the concept of clean Expo, whether it is the main building of the Expo and the major exhibition venues, or the streets and buildings near the Expo Park, or even the Huangpu River, a large number of emerging green LED products are used for landscape lighting and decorative lighting. According to relevant statistics, in the entire Expo Park, 60%-70% of the lighting uses LED products, of which more than 80% of the landscape lighting is led by LED. The entire World Expo can be said to be not only a communication platform for city exhibitions, but also a green LED product display platform.

As an outstanding brand in the LED lighting industry, the LED products of Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hong Kong Zhenmingli Group, have attracted the attention of designers from all over the world. In the seven main venues of the opening ceremony, Expo Cultural Center and City Hall, There are applications.

LED luminous ball at the opening ceremony: Silver Rain LED luminous ball specially developed by Zhen Mingli illuminates Huangpu night

Heshan Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. used 3350 300RGB high-power floodlights and 851 600RGB high-power multi-row rotary floodlights to brighten the Expo Cultural Center

More than 3,000 meters NEONEON Silver Rain® LED lights and flexible neon lights and urban pavilions dotted with one of the five major theme pavilions of the Expo, with 19 high-power LED RGB floodlights for auxiliary lighting and lighting

Hundreds of NEONEON Silver Rain® DMX tubes and crystal flexible neon lights make the Australian Pavilion look like a dream

NEONEON Silver Rain® LED Flood Lights Illuminate Peru's “Pyramids”

Spiral rising NEONEON Silver Rain® LED spotlights are installed at the General Motors Pavilion

NEONEON Silver Rain® High Power LED Flood Lights Bring the Maple Leaf Print of the Canada Pavilion to More Prosperous

Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd.'s high-power underwater lights and small LED corner decorative lights make the waterfall wall of 13 meters more spectacular and beautiful.

Zhenmingli Group has been committed to promoting and popularizing energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED lighting products, so that all people of different races and different statuses can understand and use the bright LED lighting decoration products and bring happiness. At the Shanghai World Expo held at the doorstep, the Zhenmingli Group, which has a wide variety of LED products, has added a new large-scale promotion platform, a platform to showcase LED technology and product strength, and Zhenmingli Group has excellent performance and high quality. The LED products will be filled with the numerous venues of the Shanghai World Expo and the opening ceremony of the Expo.

For Zhenmingli Group Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd., the Shanghai World Expo, as a green LED display platform, has to be said; for the Shanghai World Expo, the Yinyu Group of the Mingliang Group, which is decorated with the opening ceremony of the Expo and seven major venues. The product also has to be said.

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