Parrot Zik Bluetooth headset launched in August, iOS / Android APP will be listed simultaneously

As early as the beginning of the year, CES, Parrot brought us the Parrot Zik Bluetooth wireless earphone designed by Philippe Starck, and a few days ago they held a conference in Hong Kong, officially announced that it supports NFC, active noise reduction technology. Earmuff headphones will be launched in August at HK$3,399 (the official price in mainland China is 2,999 RMB). This kind of Bluetooth headset is different from the general one, it seems to be similar to the general, but we have different feelings after actually playing. First of all, its sound effect and noise reduction effect is really good. After wearing it, we can obviously feel the sound insulation effect, and the touch position on the right earphone is very large, and it is up and down, before and after the whole right earphone. Four gestures are very convenient to adjust the volume and up and down music selection, don't worry about not finding the button or choosing the wrong one.

As for the left side of the headset is the battery and NFC, we just need to open the cover fixed by the magnet, you can easily replace that 800mAh, can use about 5 hours of battery, let us continue to enjoy the music (for your reference, a new battery price About HK$250). Parrot Zik's intimate place is that many Bluetooth headsets lose their headphones when the battery is exhausted, becoming a workable artwork, but it supports 3.5mm earphones so that we can continue to listen to music. of course! At this time, Parrot Zik does not have active noise reduction function, and can not use the excellent functions such as Bluetooth connection and call, but it is definitely a pleasure for long-distance flight friends.

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