For the sake of environmental protection, I love a group of eco-friendly paper speakers.

Do you like crazy? Do you like apples? For the sustainable development of the earth, we try to avoid using some 3C products that cause environmental pollution. For example, the crazy speaker made by this set of papers in the picture below is a good choice. You can also experience the fun of DIY in addition to environmental protection!

The paper horn, called eco-amp, is made of 100% recycled fiber paper that meets FSC international certification. Even the manufacturing process, including printing and cutting, comes from the green energy label. Machine; however, before you enjoy the sound reinforcement, you may have to test your handcraftedness. After unpacking, you need to fold a fan-shaped cardboard into a silhouette of a loudspeaker, and then insert the iPhone into the bottom. In the groove, you are done.

However, the official website does not specifically emphasize the volume of the eco-amp, and if the folding frequency is high, it may affect the number of uses. It is not difficult to guess the eco-amp is positioned in consumables; of course, if you have read the following eco-amp The film introduction, if you think that the hand is smart enough, the craftsmanship is good, you can go to the stationery store to buy some ready-made cardboard to do it! The eco-amp is priced at US$7.99 and comes in two packs.

Patch panels are commonly used in computer networking, recording studios, and radio and television.

We are professional Network Patch Panel manufacturer in China. Our patch panel includes voice type 25port voice patch panel and 50port voice patch panel, data type (cat.5e,cat.6, cat.6a) with 6/12/24/48port on option. We use good PCD board and IDC connectors (krone IDC, 110 IDC, Dual IDC for option) to ensure the characters for each product. Specially for 24port Cat5e.UTP patch panel ,we offer not only in flat configuration as normal but also offer angel patch panels configuration.

The patch panel is offered universal wiring both T568A and T568B. We will do the Fluke test before selling our network patch panel.

19 Inch Patch Panel

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