Cross-strait institutions seminars: High-power LED cooling and LED lighting development

Recently, at the invitation of the School of Science, Wuxi Jiangnan University, Prof. Sun Qingcheng, Prof. Zheng Yixiang and Prof. Zhong Deyuan from the Department of Optoelectronics and Engineering of the National Central University of Taiwan used the LED lighting and 3D display technology as their topic in the Southern Yangtze Riverside University of Wuxi. The teachers and students of the university exchanged ideas.

In the context of promoting a low-carbon economy globally, the LED lighting market has high hopes. Professor Sun Qingcheng mainly introduced the principle, application and future development of green energy-saving solid-state lighting. He pointed out that LED, whether it is from the light effect, life color rendering, is in line with the premise of green lighting - energy saving, at the same time, LED has developed rapidly in recent years, from the first signal to the car today Lamps, LED displays, and lighting have made great progress in terms of technology and applications, but the complexity of LEDs cannot be underestimated. Each technology such as packaging technology and LED heat dissipation is very complicated.

There is still plenty of room for further research before LED lighting becomes the dominant future. Only when there are funds, talents, markets, and technology can we have good optoelectronic products. Without these prerequisites as a basis, the final output may be photovoltaic waste. Professor Sun Qingcheng believes that the premise of lighting should be in line with changes in the natural ecological environment. Another aspect of green energy-saving lighting is to reduce light pollution. Having a healthy light environment is the ultimate goal of the development of green lighting.

When asked about the future development direction of LED lamps, Professor Sun Qingcheng believes that future LED lamps should be based on the LED's luminous characteristics to create a suitable LED lighting lamps, because the traditional light source is around the light, LED is a single side light, LED placed in the traditional The effect of the light source lamp is not so obvious, but with the rapid development of the LED, it is believed that the lamp suitable for the LED light emitting characteristics will be quickly produced and used.

The heat dissipation problem of high-power LEDs has always been a headache for R&D personnel. Professor Zhong Deyuan dissected and analyzed the distribution of LED quantum current space in this meeting. At the beginning of the design of the LED chip, the distribution of the analog circuit avoids the current being too large or too small, thereby reducing the problem of LED hotspots and luminous point shifts. He emphasized that in the actual production process, problems such as non-uniformity of current distribution and certain hot spots causing cracking should be solved at the design end, and only qualified products can be solved when these problems are put into production.

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