People in the city will really play! Xiao Bian finds a desk lamp that does not require "power on"

Entering the era of "smart" as a selling point, even household standing products like table lamps have become their next attack point.

They become more and more intelligent, for example, they can remotely adjust the temperature through the mobile phone APP;

For example, they can also switch the color of lights

and many more…

However, is it appropriate for you to toss a simple, practical desk lamp?

It's better to learn from this table lamp, to study the real thing, not to plug it out can emit bright lights ~ Of course, here refers to the choice of mobile power supply is also a wooden problem!

Getting acquainted

This is called Lose Paper PAPER silica paper lamp is very interesting, the material used throughout the table lamp is not made of our common ABS hard plastic or metal material, but with silicone edging, the internal hardware is bendable The metal skeleton is made by a one-piece molding process. The characteristics of the “steel” inside the outer soft body allow it to be bent freely to a desired angle and taken a look together.

It is said that the design of this table lamp comes from an origami game. The red one is received. The entire table lamp is sleek and simple. It does not seem to have the same place as a traditional table lamp. Did you see the pull cord switch? Or do you see the push switch? Did you see the lampshade? Did you see the knob to adjust the light?

No, this origami desk lamp simplifies all these important parts. Switch is not without, replaced by a more interesting touch switch; lampshade? This table lamp light source is the mode of the led lamp, there is a lamp shade, but it is on the lamp light source, and its divergence is open type; Adjust the light and dark knob? No, the touch switch is also used for adjustment. There are three lights brightness: 50% brightness, 70% brightness, and 100% brightness, because the lights are warm lights, so do not need to set more shades.

Part 1, packaging part

After entering the 21st century, the booming development of consumer electronics has also driven the imitation of other products, and standing products such as desk lamps are also one of the "victims," ​​for example, packaging materials on the "provincial materials ,concise".

The province of materials refers to the packaging material is more generous, simple, to look good, mainly rely on the transport box to carry out loss prevention guarantee during transportation, this Luofei origami desk lamp (in accordance with the following are called); white packaging Outside the box, there is a simple diagram of the overall structure of a table lamp. There is no explanation. It is very tempting to attract you to open the package as soon as possible.

After the package is unpacked, the body and accessories of the table lamp are separated. Green accessories box packaging is very artistic children, anyway, I like this color. It should be said that this table lamp is indeed more inclined to the design of art style, you look at the box, accessories box and so on.

Parts of the accessories are obviously surprising. Why? Because its power plug is not the kind of traditional home plug, completely abandon the silly big figure, and the plug and the line are separated. This line is the first time we have used the USB cable that we now commonly use. The 5V voltage can be used to support the use of this table lamp. There are eggs here, you will understand later.

It is worth mentioning that the data line of this desk lamp actually has many colors. Of course, it is necessary to match the color of the desk lamp. But if you run into problems with the data cable or do not bring it, will I tell you that the phone's mircro-USB cable can also make it work? And did you think that such a line and such a table lamp color look good on the desk. . Almost wild wood?

Part 2, appearance details

The traditional common table lamp structure is generally composed of a base, a lamp post, and a lamp cap, and the power switch is a table lamp. The Luofei origami lamp is no exception.

The first difference comes from the pedestal. Unlike the traditional desk lamp, the base of the Lolita origami desk lamp is not a traditional heavy round or oval shape. The entire table lamp is like an irregular strip of paper. Some of the bases, lamp posts, and lamp holders are free to bend and bend. Therefore, the upper and lower ends of the lamp post can be folded, for example, the angle of the base and the lamp post can be adjusted so that the entire table lamp can be folded into a state of bending, standing upright or backward; when the lamp post and the lamp head portion are folded, The lamp part can be used backward, flat or even curved. Very personalized ~

Where is the switch? In the base there is a metal exposed part is the operating range, the entire operating area and the traditional pull rope or push-type switch completely different, all the metal area that your hand touches are the switch, light adjustment function area; Lofree The Logo is very carefully designed in the base part, very hidden in the art of fan, that does not interfere with the sense of vision does not take up space; Luofei passenger paper folding table lamp is composed of 6 sets of 12 LED light source, even if adjusted to 100% will not be very dazzling, very human.

Part 3, Prelude to use

As mentioned before, the power cord of the Lolita origami light is very special! Even if you use a smart phone's charging cable, you can use it for normal power supply. Therefore, just before you use the desk lamp, just like the phone charging, insert the Micro USB cable into the socket of the lamp base. It's easy to use

After plugging in the power, there is no sound. (Original power plugs, computers and even mobile power supplies can provide power for them.) The only place where the desk lamp is powered on is an indicator light on the touch button. In normal use and power-on state, this indicator lamp is white. , there are other colors oh

Part 4, use experience

Do you think that there is something special about this table lamp? Also need to be listed separately? If it is for other lamps, it is really not. However, in recent years, the wave of science and technology has also been swept up to everyday household appliances such as desk lamps. Some desk lamps even operate on mobile APP operations. What is Luo Fei's play on this table lamp?

Multi-angle folding how to "cover" how "cover"

Luo Fei origami desk lamp named "paper table lamp" is a reason, three metal skeleton plus silicone with this table lamp can make a variety of incredible perspective. The normal table lamp mode and the lowered desk lamp mode can even be bent to a 180-degree stripe. As a result, the user can create a hole in his brain.

For example, you can use it as a door light; you can use it as a desk lamp for reading and writing, give your children a good night's homework, use it as a photo light, etc., whatever you like to play. , how can use, for the user "fold back" in the speech!

Your "good partner" when you stay up late

There is no suitable tool to test the brightness at hand, and give a brightness value. But this table lamp is indeed a warm light mode. It's perfect for opening in the night, reading a book quietly and assisting your night work. There is no problem. But it can be folded at multiple angles to make it more flexible in terms of use. Read the book to see how tired it is, adjust the folding angle of the lamp head, and let it look up; when you just start reading, slightly lower the lamp.

At this time, it is good to be a quiet observer watching your growth and hard work silently!

It can do your photography fill light

Being an active desk lamp, of course, it is inevitably used as a fill light for night photography, and the effect is quite good. Although it is not as professional as the light in the author's hands, in some relatively simple shooting, it can still be qualified.

Supervision of children's learning "teacher"

The historical changes in the lamp over the years must be separated from these specific groups of people, students, and children. For Wang Zicheng's parents, at night, besides TV, supervising their knowledge and reviewing assignments under the lamp must be the most effective.

Under the light of a sufficiently bright Lopé origami table lamp, our children can play under the light of his favorite toy blocks. They can also look at the interesting books he brought back from kindergarten. They can also write one or two lines from 1 ~10 figures, playing the foundation. The appearance of a grown-up looks against the orange light, as if it is a sensible thing.

Part 5, easy to carry

Luo Fei origami light is very small, in carrying than the traditional lamp does not know how much better to carry ~

You can leave it with your hand. You can also throw it on your shoulder bag and walk away.

It is so capricious that you need to bring your data cable and plug with you. If you don’t bring it, it’s okay. Whenever you go out, always bring your mobile power and cell phone charging cable. You can use the desk lamp directly.

Thanks to the convenience of being on the go, plus mobile power can provide power characteristics. The Lolita origami desk lamp can be an illuminated flashlight when you are walking on the night road. After all, you can fold it from multiple angles; it can be a magic weapon for you to provide romantic light in a tent in the wild, and it will not be affected by the extra noise. A quiet mobile power supply can be used for power supply. At this time, you can do it.

It is so so cool to use it!

to sum up

This is it, this is the magic of Luofei origami light.

It has the traditional table lamp soft lighting and lighting effects, allowing you to always have it in the dark night, do not hurt the eyes, no power consumption; it is a good partner on the child's desktop, soft light to protect their immature eyes have looked With the benefits of coming, they can read and write under the light; it is a landscape on the desktop, and the wild colors make it stand out even in the most broken environment.

It has the convenience that the traditional desk lamp cannot compare, it can use the ordinary power supply way, it can also use the USB interface such as the computer, the flat panel to supply power, even, it is also proper to use the mobile power supply; It can use its own power cord You can also use the phone's Micro USB cable to power it. It can be placed in a variety of angles and folding ways, easy to put, hand-held and portable are very simple. This is it, a table lamp that can be used without "electricity"!