Finally can be assured with - SECKET Electrical Safety Interruption


I believe that everyone has experience of electric shock. One of my most terrifying experiences was accidentally catching a 220V wire. Instant current causes muscles to tighten. I can't release my hand in time. My arm goes to the upper arm and begins to tremble violently. Unthinkable. The memories of childhood are still fresh. This time, the “CSD” invented water-proof and anti-electrical sockets. I believe families with children can stop or reduce many risks of electric shock.

First: Unpacking and Appearance

Get the product, big packaging, several times larger than the average socket, weight press.

This product number CNP10402 - A2 series belongs to 2 hole 2+3 hole 2 structure, there is no USB charging port and manual switch.

The external packaging is quite satisfactory, and the features, security, identification, and parameter characteristics of the product are written on the back of the package at a glance.
Simpler internal packaging: one product, one manual page, one color tip.

At present, most jacks on the market have “safety baffle” devices that are protected against electric shock and foreign matter insertion , and this outlet is not so configured because it is better to prevent foreign matter from inserting and even waterproof.

Three locations on the back of the product attract attention:
1, "Star" fastening screws allow only professional personnel to dismantle and repair, effectively prevent non-professionals from opening and destroying internal structures.
2. As the last line of defense , the “ Warning Holes Become Red” is a defensive line. If an accidental breakthrough results in failure, you can effectively warn users that they should use it carefully.
3, laser labels work fine, effectively identify the authenticity of the product. Unveiled the bottom of the label printed with a unique anti-counterfeit code, the surface printed anti-counterfeiting query phone and query site, we can see the identity of patented products and anti-counterfeiting done in place.

GB regular plug solid work, die-casting of text at the bottom clearly indicate the patent number, the maximum voltage, current limit and "CCC China Compulsory Certification" that "China Compulsory Certificat ion".

Second: Parameter Features

Please allow me to use a few pictures provided by the manufacturer:

Technical parameters worth mentioning is the "waterproof grade: IPX6", its meaning is: Waterproof protection level big waves can last 2--3 minutes against the underwater depth of 3 m, 100 liter / minute flow rate, 100n / m pressure.
It can be seen that this socket is superior in waterproof capability, which is mainly due to the unique design of the hydroelectric separation warehouse.

The details determine the success or failure, CNP10402 - A2 internal material is very solid and serious, the station design is reasonable, and the wiring is meticulous. This reminds me of Rockefeller's spirit - only paranoid can succeed.

The "overload protection" function is concealed inside the entrance of the socket. The characteristic of this module is that it will not damage subordinate electrical appliances and equipments due to accidental lightning strikes or shock caused by instantaneous high current; another feature is that it can reset itself, which is different from other fuses. Protected products, consider it still more thoughtful.

Third: Use experience

When the CNP10402 - A2 is powered on, the front pink indicator lights, and the standard national standard plug is inserted in turn. The indicator of each station lights up, indicating normal power-on. When the foreign object is inserted or even the conductor is shorted, the power indicator will not light up. Indicates no power.

In order to test the protective performance of CNP10402 - A2 under extreme conditions , the author drew a full glass of tap water and allowed to stand for 30 minutes. The work of the socket is still normal, and the appliances near the work station are still working properly. The water repellent and electric shock protection functions are indeed reassuring.

After the water splashing test, the outlet hole test with water was normal.

Since the CNP10402 - A2 indicator is always on after the power is turned on, it may cause standby power consumption. The power meter detects that the current cannot be detected and the concealment consumption is negligible.

Part IV: Using Summary

1, advantages:

l   CNP10402 - A2 socket main anti- splashing water, anti-electric shock, anti-overload function, much higher than other brands of socket technology and patented technology content, can basically eliminate electricity safety accidents in daily life, especially to prevent foreign body invasion caused by electric shock to the human body Safe protection is more practical.

l   Thunderstorms often occur in summer, and the whole building is often hit by lightning. Instant high-current shock overload causes damage to various electrical appliances. The “anti-overload automatic reset” function can effectively protect the safety of subordinate electrical appliances.

l   The overall material consists of ABS+PC/ copper / silver, while the design of the PC and silver contacts improves product reliability overall.

l   CNP10402 - The A2 socket comes standard with a 3- meter national line that is adequate for most trailing distances.


2. Disadvantages:

l   CNP10402 — The A2 socket does not have a USB socket design, which is not very convenient for the current era of mobile phones and tablets.

l   The volume of the socket is huge and it is not convenient for home and office use. It is recommended to optimize the structure and reduce the size.

l   Compatibility is not strong, and plugs such as round or European plugs cannot be used for non-inserts.

l   If the design of the master control button switch or the independent jack button switch can be increased, the frequency of plugging and unplugging various plugs can be reduced, which is convenient and increases the service life.