Lighting specifications released

Lighting specifications released On January 2, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the Energy Star Lighting Fixture Standard Version 1.2 and released the draft of the third draft of the Energy Star Fixture Standard 1.0. Among them, the lighting fixture specification standard 1.2 mainly contains design requirements for directional and non-directional solid-state lighting devices, and the 1.0 specification of lighting fixture standards is mainly for alternative light source lamps.

A major change in the lighting fixture specification standard version 1.2 is the elimination of the previously announced plan to achieve a luminous efficiency of 70 lm/W by September 1, 2013. Currently, the EPA retains the luminous efficiency requirement of 65 lm/W until it Introduced the standard version 2.0.

The draft third draft of the 1.0 specification for luminaire specifications is mainly used as an industry overview. The new draft clarifies the products that meet and don't meet the ENERGY STAR accreditation, and modified the high-temperature life test content. In addition, it also changes the requirements for light intensity distribution and dyeing uniformity.

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